Game Jackal is still relevant, but how do I get it?

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    I'm currently in the UK and looking to pass the car driving test here (my foreign driving licence is only valid for a limited time here). The rules here differ quite a bit from where I came and wanting to be prepared as thoroughly as possible (both for passing the theory test and actual driving), I ordered DVD-ROMs with the training materials (I find it a lot more convenient than relying on online resources). Not surprisingly, each of the discs is supposed to be in the drive for the software on it to run, but with the drive in my portable PC being as flimsy as it looks and as difficult to get a disc in or out, I don't like the thought of inserting and removing the discs many times. Game Jackal Pro trial that I got from the Wayback Machine is able to create profiles with which the software runs without any discs, but apparently it's not possible to purchase a lincence key for Game Jackal anymore.

    Can anyone think of anything that might be helpful?
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    Maybe @Jill or @Ivan can think of something.
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    Is there any way I could let them know?
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    they already got the alert ;) that's what the @ tag does ;)