Game Jackal Enterprise v4.0.2.5 (beta)

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    Game Jackal Enterprise v4.0.2.5 (beta)


    Release v4.0.2.5 - beta (2010-04-15)
    • Initial v4 beta.
    • New networking architecture. This improves client / server networking speed and reliability.
    • New profile (package) library.

    Important notes regarding this beta.
    • The current installation does not contain the Enterprise build of the Game Jackal client. Please install Game Jackal Pro v4.0.2.5 or above on the client machine(s).
    • Ports 62410 and 62411 need to be open on each client.
    • Ports 62410, 62411 and 62412 need to be open on the Command Center host.
    • You are able to distribute profiles from x86 machines to x64 machines and vice versa. Be aware that running profiles created on different platforom could cause problems.
    • Enterprise v4 no longer uses the Game Watch component. Game Jackal now installs an exe along side the game's original exe that is used to activate and launch the game. However this functionality has been disabled for this beta release (will be enabled with the next beta).
    Finally please provide feedback in this thread :agree: