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Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by phasechange, Feb 25, 2007.

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    My story is a familiar one: I have been a GameJackal user since the early days of GameJackal 1 and decided to visit the website to see if there was any news on a fix for a particular game and was surprised to see that the days of GameJackal were at an end.

    However I discovered the GameJackal forum was still alive and better still that SlySoft would be making an announcement soon. Why was this such good news? Mainly because I have been a long time AnyDVD user and have seldom had as good value from a program. A program that if anything is updated too much! The best features of AnyDVD for me have been the continued support long after I initially bought the product and the extra features introduced over the years. My favourite feature has to be the repairing of non-Red Book compliant audio CDs and the blocking of audio CD DRM infested spyware.

    I hope that GameJackal will both flourish and be supported in a similar way to AnyDVD. I also hope that existing GameJackal users are treated in a generous manner. Roll on the press release!

  2. InTheFlow

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    Here, here!

    I will add that I'm not looking for SlySoft to just give it to me. They have development costs and with the kind of support I'm sure we'll get from them, that is worth paying something for, IMO. A discount would be welcome though.

    I think also that with their support of GJ, it will become an even more popular software program and hopefully make them a profit so that it can continually be developed.

    I just read the press release about how they were able to get around the HD-DVD protection. If they can do that then hopefully they can get around starforce and anything else the gaming companies try to shove down their paying customers throats. :D

    Personally, I think more companies should take a hint from the success of Galactic Civilizations 2 and release the games w/o copy protection in the first place.

    I'd like to buy a copy of Space Rangers 2 but won't unless SlySoft can get around the StarForce problem. I know it can be purchased from Direct2Drive but if they go out of business and I need to re-install the game, I'm up the creek. I'd also like to play Silent Storm 2 but uninstalled it after having problems with StarForce. :mad: Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory is another fantastic game marred by the StarForce scourge.

    I didn't mean for this to become a rant...really I didn't! :doh: :D
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    I posted this over at the GJ forum and figured why not here as well:

    While the following is purely speculation on my part I think the following is happening from what I have been reading:

    1) Aussie copyright laws have changed

    2) due to #1 GameJackal can no longer be sold

    3) due to #2 Malpom entered into negotiations with Slysoft to take over the development of GJ BEFORE posting on their website that they could no longer sell GJ. Of course now that they were/are in negotiations they can't give us an explanation, stupid on their part really as the biggest shout of outrage on their forum is about the lack of an explanation.

    4) Slysoft IS taking over GJ, but are still ironing out any wrinkles in the contract with Malpom and/or are ironing out how they are going to release it to previous customers of GJ... ie. are they going to give 1 free upgrade, are they going to honor Malpom's agreement with GJ's customers about lifetime free upgrades, or are they going to offer a discount to upgrade to the next version of GJ, etc, you get the idea. Are they going to change the name of GameJackal? As you can see there are lots of things to consider before they can even post anything really.

    Or course I think if I am right about all this I should get free lifetime upgrades to all of Slysoft's products :p
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    Well, I like the name GameJackal myself. If they are considering changing the name, I think it would be smart to post a poll on this forum to see what name the customers would prefer. :agree:
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    I don't do alot of gaming but I know when it is released I'll get this for the games I do own.
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    My problem is that Jacal Consulting had my old email address (I don't own that domain any more). How will I get my update from Slysoft? I don't mind paying a small fee but I don't want to pay all over again.

    Is there a way to ensure that I will qualify for upgrade pricing?

  7. Sithis

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    I like the Game Jackal name too. However, I hope they drop the "maplom" name that has been stuck in the program for awhile. What was up with that, anyway?
  8. InTheFlow

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    SlySoft will probably work out details like this once they release the new version of GJ. No need to worry mate!

    Agreed. "Maplom" always struck me as odd too. LOL
  9. BadIronTree

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    in the email i got the first time there is a file that we can use for registration!
    even if you dont have it... in the text there are 12 or more lines of a code that you can use to make a new one with notepad...

    from what i heard you will only need the order number , that is in the email :)
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    First issue, Whether the name is kept as Game Jackal or not is probably up to the original copyrite holders. Second of all, This is a HUGE concern of mine, we purchased a license (or several in my case and the case of many others) for free lifetime upgrades. I don't have a problem with paying this fee again as to help slysoft further develop the software and it is only $10 for those of us with an existing license from what is posted everywhere already. My concern with this is that if we are not careful, slysoft will change the word upgrade to update, as they do with their existing software. This means that when they come out with a new version of the same software, we are going to have to pay $30 or more for it (ex. AnyDVD to AnyDVDHD is same program with one extra feature), rather than our original deal of paying nothing. I don't have a problem with a company making money, don't get me wrong, and I don't expect anything for free, but they should at least take this into consideration for those of us who already are loyal GJ users, and give us our free UPGRADES with our license, and not just updates. After all, that is one of the many things that was so attractive about GJ.
  11. Peer

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    This has been talked over hundreds of times by now, so I really shouldn't be answering this, but instead I'll try and restrict myself to at most one comment per month on this topic:

    First - this distinction between "update" and "upgrade" has been brought up by users trying desperately to clarify things for others, who just won't get it. It is not an official distinction.
    In any case: forget about them in this frame, they don't really fit in:

    an Update is a newer version of a piece of software in form of a patch or whatever.
    To Upgrade is the process of adding functionality to something you already have.

    The first is a thing, the latter an action. Can't compare. Don't work.

    These are the most common definitions, though there's probably no such thing as a "binding definition" - these words are very commonly exchanged, mixed up, combined, misused, ...

    You buy a new car and the vendor grants you 5 years of free maintenance (=updates), including new exhaust pipes when rusty, exchange of fluids, ...
    Within that time frame, you want to add a spoiler, bigger wheels and a follower coupling (=upgrade). Your vendor may even choose to give those additions away for free, but trust me - nope, that was not part of the agreement.

    So you are actually getting free lifetime "Upgrades" for AnyDVD, because you are adding the functionality of each removal of a new copyprotection for DVDs whenever you download an update.
    So we actually could have said "free lifetime upgrades" instead of "updates" without changing the facts.

    Now we have AnyDVD HD, that adds (a huge and very costly in terms of maintenance work) functionality, that hasn't been in the features list before. You can choose not to buy this upgrade, then you will still have good old AnyDVD, still be getting free lifetime updates (and even free lifetime upgrades, as mentioned above).

    Now anyone can feel free to go on muttering about this, but I suggest not to do so, because:

    a) whatever you might want to add - rely on the fact that it has already been posted dozens of times here and bored many to death.
    b) it is not going to change anything.
    c) 99% of all readers here see it exactly the same way as I do

    About being careful whether SlySoft will change "upgrade" to "update": you don't have to be.
    No matter which word you will find written or if we add "free lifetime hugs and kisses", it will still be handled the same way: if one day SlySoft adds some completely new feature to GJ, it is up to the company - based on the effort spent and other things - to charge an upgrade fee or not.
    You will still be getting your daily hug and kiss as promised, but "GameJackal HyperExtraPro", now that it includes the ability to whistle a tune while you're playing, might cost a little more than standard GameJackal, that you originally bought (which will do the same thing as always, just not whistle - which you may even be thankful for).
    Otherwise it might just as well have been decided, not to add such a feature at all, if it's not going to be payed for...