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game jackal causing frequent pauses


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Jun 26, 2007
game jackal causing frequent pauses in bf2 and bf2 sf. is this just while its learning or something to do with my computer? game works fine if i run it normally without gj. great product otherwise as i can now keep my disk safe in its case. cheers
If you can get back to your taskbar behind the running game, try killing the running GJ profile and then exit GJ and see if that improves game performance.

Read my Remarks in this thread:

Come on Devs...... Should be an easy option to implement!

Can you please open GJ, edit the BF2 profile and uncheck "Auto stop this profile". Now try the profile again.
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I had this problem the first time that i played a bf2 /sf profile, but after i had exited the game, game jackal says it has succesfully made the profile, next time it was fine. just remember to take the disk out after its done this other wise i think it goes back in to learning mode as you would put it.

you could try optimizing the profile after it is made? open the main game jackal window right click on your game icon and there should be an option to edit your profile. in that section you will find 2 more options that might help 1: To optimize the profile and 2: To set X amount of seconds before the game uses both cores on multi core setup...

the first option should help but you can also try the second option. oh and dont run the first one to many times otherwise the profile could beocme corrupt:)
Just wondering, what does it do the Optimize Profile do, except Optimize profile, its a very broad word? im really interested in the program and wanna get everything out of it that i can.
according to maploms help file (read it back when GJ was still Maplom) it gets rid of any "noise" that gets included while the profile is being made. By getting rid of this noise it should get rid of stutters. The help does warn not to run it to often because it could destroy your profile and force you to re-create it. Hope the info helped :p
Cheers, very helpful, i suppose if i wasnt so lazy i could have looked at the help files, dont normally bother because they are normally pants, but they actually have good ones with the program :D
thanks for your help. unfortunatly my trial period has run out so i cant try it to see if it works for me.