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    I am an owner of a movie server purchased 5 years ago from a Pittsburgh PA USA based company.They sold me the server (Epic) from Fusion Research which included a "forever " license for AnyDVD. Recently, the server was repaired by Fusion Research, but when it was returned, there was no longer a "AnyDvd" utility (which requires a registration file) nor the PassKey for the software. Not getting and real help from Fusion Research, so I am trying to piece together who now owns the AnyDVD licensing, so I am reaching out to your company. I am more than willing to pay any fees associated with this. Can you be of any help?
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    Fusion research, never heard of them but it's safe to say they're NOT and never have been an official reseller of AnyDVD by SlySoft and definitely not RedFox. The license most likely was pirated or the software cracked. Passkey is a different application by a different developer. That said, the only official place now to get an AnyDVD license is here, at RedFox. RedFox is a closed source project, NOT a company.

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    The previous AnyDVD license would have been a Slysoft one. Sadly, Slysoft no longer exists and Slysoft licenses no longer work with newer AnyDVD versions. The AnyDVD license that previously came with the server was likely improperly handled or of questionable nature. Regardless of how Fusion Research had previously gotten the licenses for AnyDVD they apparently no longer do so.

    Note: Ch3vr0n, in the context of GeneT's post "PassKey" = registration, license, etc, to activate AnyDVD. IOW, the AnyDVD software was no longer installed when the new server was returned after repair nor was there a license file to activate it.
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    This makes me wonder how much of this was going on . And was it done by the main entity or a third-party.

    Makes me think of these "Pre-Loaded" Kodi Boxes . That are nothing more than a bunch of pirated channels. And as soon as they stop working the user thinks that Kodi sells them and must make it work again.