Fully Functional ISO Backup

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    I've searched the forum and gone through many threads and can't seem to find an answer to this.

    I want to make an ISO image that I can mount and it acts just like inserting the original movie into a real DVD drive. The purpose of which is that I have a large collection of movies and I would prefer to be able to have them on the machine on my TV and be able to pick a movie from a search menu then to sit cross-legged in front of a DVD rack sifting through movies.

    I have no interest in getting just the movie itself and putting it on a separate DVD, I have no interest in porting it to a portable device. I just want a backup copy that I can "mount" on a computer attached to my TV to make picking and playing a movie easier.

    I have AnyCD HD & Blu Ray, I have been able to use PowerISO and CloneCD to make ISO images of the DVD without problem. However, when mounted in my computer, PowerDVD treats it like a Data Disc, none of the menus work and I have to manually find each chapter/track.

    Is there an elegant solution out there? When I started this I thought it was a relatively simple thing to do...

    EDIT: I'm an idiot... I meant to put this in CloneDVD... mod, please move...
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    N/M... I figured it out.

    I made the ISO using ImgBurn and mounted it with VirtualCloneDrive (which is leaps and bounds better than PowerISO) and it appears to all be working.
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    Fully Functional ISO Backup more info

    I have a portable 1 terabite external storage device. I would like to be able to view movies by title ,genre select it and it play right on the tv screen.
    I assume that the portable storage device won't work directly with the tv but it would be nice to be able to use the tv remote to view the files and say play.
    Any ideas on how to do this. Is this what you did or did you have a computer thats connected to the tv using a tv out card or svideo.

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    I'm confused by this thread.

    When ripping the disc using CloneDVD select Clone DVD to begin with from the first screen and then for the output select ISO/UDF Image. The resulting ISO will mount and function perfectly.
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    I am using a computer with a TV Out... I'm moving to a newer card with HDI so I can do high def as soon as i upgrade my TV. I have also been able to hook a USB HD to my friends' PS3 with linux installed on it, and view the movies that way... though this is a long way to go for the same results.

    The problem was me being stupid. I was using vcd and powerISO to mount the ISO. Neither of which are actually a virtual CD drive, but an ISO reading app that presented the iso "zip file" as a drive letter. When I used VirtualCloneDrive, which is actually a virtual CD/DVD drive, the system recognized it as a drive, not just a collection of video files in an ISO file.

    In short, i was using poor tools. With the correct tools, suddenly things started working as they were supposed to.