Frustrated as hell with DSM-320

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by jdm3, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. jdm3

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    Does anyone know what setting to plug into mobile so that the video files will play on a Dlink DSM-320 and 320rd media lounge media servers? I would have thought generic divx would work, but NOOOOO. Dlink plugged in XVID, but not Divx.

    Any chance Mobile can make xvids?

  2. Peer

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    Edit your devices.ini file and add the lines below. If it works, I don't think it is because of Xvid (which is technically identical to Divx), but rather because of slight differences in the AVI container.

    Please let me know the result.

    [* Generic (XviD)]
    mopts=-noodml -lameopts br=%abrate% -xvidencopts bitrate=%vbrate%%PASS%
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    I have the DSM-520 and had the exact same problem. I've added the entry from the previous post to my .ini file, and it works great! I would suggest that this entry be a part of the base software for future revisions, so people can make this selection to work with products like the DSM-520.

    Thanks for the help!
  4. Peer

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    Ok, the latest version should work - using "Generic DivX".

    Please let me know the specifics for your DSM-520, so I can add an own profile.
    I need the exact screen resolution and the max bitrates and whatever else you can find.
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    I'm not sure how/where to find the information you're looking for. Can you give me more specifics, and I'll be glad to look for anything you need.

    All I did so far was copy the profile you gave to the end of my .ini file. I then selected that profile as my option to create the AVI file. Instead of it hanging like it had been after a few seconds, it played via the DSM-520 without issue.
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    I have had similar issues with my newly aquired DSM-520. Great unit with potential.

    The research I have found is that the DSM-520 does not support AC audio. Most of my CloneDVDMobile produced DivX media starts to play, no audio, and hangs somewhere in the first 10 seconds. Others play fine, but only about 5% of my total library. Not sure if that helps or not, but the responses on other forums related to this was the AC audio format was possible a licensed codec and Dlink did not want to support that.

    Other issues I found with the DivX media produced from CloneDVDMobile, is that the audio output is not as high a quality produced as native DivX. I found this out when trying to take my high quality DivX files and convert them again to WMV since CloneDVDMobile WMV support for Zune isn't fully supported. I found another convert that does produced supported WMV's for the Zune directly. But when converting the DivX files, the audio is very bad and almost inaudible.
  8. HTKatzmarek

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    Generic DivX does work now with the latest version of the program. I did notice however, that the volume is very soft. I have to turn up the volume on the system to max to get a reasonable volume. Any way to modify the .ini to get a greater volume?