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freeze frames


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Feb 19, 2007
clonedvd works fine, but when I play movies on dvd player, it periodically freezes for 1 or 2 seconds. It does this all the way thru & on all dvd players I tried. I closed out all programs before recording & even tried disconnect fm internet. Always the same.
What dvd burner are you using, Blank media type, burn speed? I would suspect these as a highly possible culprit.
Perhaps poor quality media, outdated firmware or too fast of a burn speed. Maybe all of the above....
What dvd burner are you using, Blank media type, burn speed? I would suspect these as a highly possible culprit.
using philips dvd+rw dv 8801-----imitation dvd-r(16x 2 hr)also tried memorex dvd-r 8x and hp dvd+r 2.4 dl(the hp won't work at all)I tried to find verbatim, but no luck at local stores
Besides the firmware, you probably also need to back down your speed as well and make sure that the disc type is recognized as a DVD-ROM. One of the issues with media, it might work fine now, but won't work 6 months from now. You need to do some testing with your burner and different media at different speeds to see what combination will work well.

If your burner didn't come with any software tools, use CDSpeed for the tests.
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I tried clone2 on a phillips dvd & then put it in my toshiba dvd player for the tv. It rejjected it as disc error. I then placed in my laptop & it played perfectly. I then copied one on a verbatim dvd; it periodically froze, but played. Also it played perfectly on my laptop. What is wrong? Marine is the movie.

Firmware is like a "driver" that your burner manufacturer puts out periodically that updates it to work with newer discs, corrects read and write issues, etc. It is in an executable file that should update only your burner. Keeping that to the most current version is important.

After doing that, get CDSpeed (it's free http://www.cdspeed2000.com/) and make a media disc (Create Disc) with it on one of your DVDs. Then do a Disc Quality test and see how good your media and/or burner are. Sometimes the burner doesn't like some media and even if it does, may not write well at certain speeds. This will give you a way to test your media and burner to find a good combination of speed and media maker.
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I just realized that maybe my dvd player hooked to tv may be problem. On the front it says mp3 cd-r/cd-rw progresssive scan. My copied dvds are dvd-r. Is that a problem? I thought a cloned dvd would work on any dvd player that the original worked on. Am I correct or not? Thanks.
I thought a cloned dvd would work on any dvd player that the original worked on.

Doesn't matter what you use, if you use junk blank media, unfortunately. You've had excellent advice from everyone thus far. I suggest you follow it.
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I don't know what you mean by firmware. Sorry

With Anydvd running on your toolbar, click it. Click "status" on the left. Select the drive letter that corresponds with your burner on the right. Copy and paste the information in that window for me to see here (hold left mouse button and drag mouse over the text; then right click the mouse button; select "copy". Bring the mouse cursor to your post; right click; and then select "paste").

Here is an example of what I want:

"No Disc is present in Drive E:!
PLEXTOR DVDRPX-760A 1.06 12/26/0609:00"

This tells me that my burner is a Plextor PX-760A with firmware 1.06.

Maybe I can update it. Let's find out.

1. I visit www.google.com
2. I search for Plextor
3. I find www.plextor.com
4. I select my country
5. I click on "support"; then I click "downloads"
6. Then I click "firmware upgrades"
7. Then I look for "PX-760", which is my burner model
8. I click the link for PX-760, and the site tells me the latest firmware for
my burner is 1.06, which is what I'm already using, so I don't don't have to download the file, read the instructions very carefully, and run the update. Otherwise, I should, probably, run the firware update if I didn't have 1.06 already installed.

The process for you is going to be similar, except you probably don't have a Plextor burner
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