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  1. blank

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    Since GameJackal Pro has reached it´s end of live I wonder if it could become freeware? Meaning a free licence key on the download page.

  2. George++

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    What's the need? Most, if not all, current game releases don't use disc-based DRM.

    Game companies are either going DRM-free or using app-based front-ends to run their DRM. Disc-free.

    Disc-based releases are done so people don't have to download the installer, they don't use the disc as copy-protection.
  3. lordmagneto

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    @FurryGuy, I just wanted to add. I am a long time user of Game Jackal Pro since day one. Yes, all newer games do not really use this software but for me, who is a retro gamer, I love to still setup my older games like Battle for Middle Earth I and II, Rise of the Witch King, Command & Conquer games and Red Alert games using this program so that they do not require the CD every time I play those game. It is so much easier for older games to have all of the images on the computer to play directly instead of always looking for those darn CDs. It is/was a great program and help so much!
    Great tool!!!!
    ciao ciao
  4. FixitMAD

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    I second lordmagneto's comment. I also use the Paid for Game Jackal Pro since Slysoft offered it and have been using it to enjoy many games that would otherwise require me to constantly use the CD/DVD. I understand this is now EOL but I will continue to use this software to play my older games as well. Thanks again to the team at RedFox and Slysoft for making great software.
  5. dadkins160

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    I would also like to ask respectfully that this software be made freeware. I know that the trend is to go to "downloadable content"; however, there is still a need for previous generation content. I have a device called the GPD Win. It is a portable PC with a built in joystick. It does not have a hard drive (only flash memory acting as a hard drive = limited space) and while it does play games from Steam (which I do use), some games are no longer available on Steam (such as MLB 2K12). Since I would like to play my old game (which I do own), I went looking for a solution to get the game onto my GPD Win and run correctly. Nothing I found would work--except Game Jackal. The only problem is that Game Jackal expired after 21 days. Now I know that I could buy an external DVD/CD drive to run my game; however, the GPD Win is a Pocket PC designed to be portable. Carrying the drive and a bunch of discs would defeat the purpose. I would buy the program from you (but I understand it is no longer available for sale). If it were made a freeware program, I could continue to enjoy my game(s) and be happy:) Either way, I thank you for the time you might take to review this request and decide if it is possible. Thank you.
  6. mmdavis

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    I have two Game Jackal Pro licenses and they are running on two different computers to play some older games without discs. So, just because newer games don't need it means we still can't play our older games? Sorry, no.
  7. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    People still own disc versions of games where Game Jackal is/was useful. Maybe those are now available via Steam, Origin, etc, but that doesn't negate the point and why should someone re-buy a game they already bought just to have the DRM change from disc-based to Steam-based or whatever? As a person who bought licenses for Game Jackal, myself, I'd, personally, be a bit miffed if they suddenly gave out free licenses to everyone.

    Just my two cents.
  8. mike20021969

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    Really... after all this time?

    Although the license was dirt cheap, anyone who has purchased a license is likely feel slighted that the program is no longer being developed.

    But they have more than had their money's worth from this program. (A lifetime license was a tad more than the cost of two 1 year licenses).

    As the program is no longer sold or developed, it's time to remove the restriction and give it away. I doubt there'd be that many takers anyway.
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  9. dadkins160

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    I do understand, you paid hard-earned money for a program and it would not feel fair to now give that program away to everyone. I also paid a great deal of money for my old disc based games and for years happily played them on my computers with disc drives. I never heard of Game Jackal (and never had a need for it till now), but the trend is now to remove drives from computers, and to remove games (at the sole discretion of the distributor). What do you do as a gamer who loves a particular game (or just discovered it recently) and can't buy it on Steam/GOG (like MLB 2k12) and the day comes when they stop selling external DVD drives (no profit, no one sells disc based games anymore). Those few games that you cannot find any other way but in some dudes garage sale would be lost forever. I have the disc (MLB 2K12), a portable pocket PC (GPD Win - as big as a cell phone), and the ONLY program that made a workable image/profile was Game Jackal. I certainly WISH I had discovered this awesome program back when you did, but I can't change the fact that I didn't. All I can do at this point is to make an appeal to bring the program back (if possible) or to make it free (again, if possible). Thank you.
  10. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    I merely offered my own personal view. In the grand scheme of things my opinion means little since I never worked for Slysoft or RedFox. :)

    One question is whether they could release it as freeware even if they wanted since AFAIK the developer left either before or when Slysoft died.

    The decision is totally up to RedFox.
  11. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    They could just put it out for sale again. Don't know what it would cost to do so versus the revenue, but it would be some possible extra revenue (if cost effective).
  12. SLKabaker

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    I paid for GameJackal (Lifetime License) back in the day from SlySoft. I don't understand how it would be unfair to make it Free at this point. To be honest, it would safeguard it for all of us that paid for it; if we should lose back-ups of our licenses, it wouldn't be as traumatic since it would no longer be required. Also, since there isn't going to be a new version, it isn't like anyone is getting something new or better for free. Making it free has way more benefits for, both, those that have paid for it in the past and those just discovering it. We all have (or will) experience situations where we discover something that we would have purchased, had we known about it; but, is now unavailable to purchase. Everyone in the RedFox (and formerly SlySoft) Forums are all on the same side, part of the same community and we should be fair & understanding towards each other. The point of these Forums is to share and help one another achieve the same (or at least similar) goals. GameJackal hasn't been an active product for more than a couple of years; if you want to complain about it being unfair, complain about buying a Lifetime License and not getting Lifetime Updates or that there isn't an Official link anywhere to download the last version of GameJackal. Not that making it free, now, would somehow harm anyone that paid for it; because, it wouldn't - it could only help.
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  13. Adbear

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    But it's not a Redfox product, so they probably don't have the rights to it like they were granted for the other software., hence no official download links, and no real interest in doing anything with it. I suspect the the links you see are from when they moved the Website over to Redfox and just updated the links.

    As to the lifetime updates, you did get them for the lifetime of the product. Slysoft shut down and so did any further development
  14. SLKabaker

    SLKabaker Well-Known Member

    I was being facetious about the Lifetime Updates and Official Link. I was pointing out the selfishness, silliness and counterproductive nature of claiming it unfair to make the final version of GameJackal free at this point.

    As far as whether they have the Rights to distribute/sell GameJackal, it's not that crazy to think they could. Seeing as RedFox is selling 3 SlySoft Products and distributing [formerly] SlySoft & Elby Products. It is not unreasonable to assume they could offer licenses for those who would want them for GameJackal or at least distribute the last version released.
  15. MCalca1706

    MCalca1706 Well-Known Member

    I agree with many of the posts that it should be available and free if possible. I also have many older games on disc which are no longer available for purchase. I never got to try it but would like to. Is there any way to still get a copy?