Fox Studios Copy Protection.

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Orfe, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Orfe

    Orfe Member

    It appears that new Blu-Ray movies ("F4 Rise Of The Silver Surfer" or "Letters From Iwo Jima") from Fox have improved copy protection schemes. Whilst AnyDVDHD will successfully copy the disk to the hard drive, the copy is not watchable. I have looked at the transport stream frame by frame and see significant pixelisation.

    Any ideas ?

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  2. abalamahalamatandra

    abalamahalamatandra Well-Known Member

    Letters From Iwo Jima is from Warner and works fine. Silver Surfer has BD+ protection but that's nothing new.
  3. Xtrap1979

    Xtrap1979 Well-Known Member

    Do you copy it manually using things like Windows Explorer or Windows Commander?
    Or do you copy them via the Any DVD Ripper?
    What Power DVD version do you use?
    What video card do you use?
  4. Orfe

    Orfe Member

    Thanks for the info. Ripped using AnyDVDHD and played using Latest version of Power DVD 7.3.?. I Wonder if this is a codec issue, maybe I will try another PC with a virgin installation.

    Are you guys using XP or Vista ?.

  5. Nova935

    Nova935 Well-Known Member

    Most forum members recommend using Windows XP
  6. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    I use Vista and have no problems with it
  7. Xtrap1979

    Xtrap1979 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, so do I;)
  8. webman

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    Need to know how to play back BD+ on powerdvd::confused:
  9. Xtrap1979

    Xtrap1979 Well-Known Member

    Downgrade to version 3319a and it will work for you;)
  10. Orfe

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    Strange happenings !

    Well, the final chapter is as follows:-

    Fresh installation of Vista with AnyDVDHD installed only (No Codecs or other SW that might interfere). Same result: AnyDVDHD successfully rips the disk to hard drive. Then installed PowerDVD 3319f (Could not find 3319a) and later tried 3516. The ONLY disks that I have problems with have ALL originated from a well known mail postal rental service, all purchased BD's play and/or rip just fine.

    Thanks everyone for your input but think I will have to accept this one the way it is. :(

  11. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    how are you trying to watch the films? 3319f and 3516 don't allow you to play the film from the hard drive, so I assume you must be just playing the m2ts file which is why it looks corrupt, you have to have 3104 or 3319a and play it back as a full movie otherwise it doesn't work. You can't play back just the m2ts file when it's BD+
  12. Orfe

    Orfe Member

    I was using "Open Movie Files on Hard Disk" option. I have a 3104 installer, I will give that a try.


  13. Orfe

    Orfe Member

    Whoppee !

    Bingo !. It PowerDVD that ats fault. 3104_R1 works just fine. All I need now is a copy of the illusive 3319a installer as 3319f definately does not work.

    Great help, many thanks.