Format War?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bjproc, Jan 7, 2008.

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    James said himself that HD-DVD needs a miracle to survive now.
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    cheers Charlie, i've not been on for a while
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    thats where i've just been :D
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    here goes sumthin i recently found that makes it even worse for HD DVD......

    Following Warner's lead, sister company New Line has confirmed that it will support Blu-ray Disc high def releases exclusively. New Line has previously delayed their day-and-date new releases on HD DVD due to the format's lack of region coding, effectively making titles such as Shoot 'em Up, Hairspray, and Rush Hour 3 exclusive to Blu-ray. Although a 2008 release slate for the studio has not been released, an announcement may be possible at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
  7. Charlie

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    Yes and my thoughts are that there is only one way to go now and that's Blu.
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    I personally would like to see both formats stay around, from here on.
    Competition helps to keep prices down!
    I'd love to have the new Samsung player, that plays both............. :)
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    The last thing consumers need is to be stuck with Blu-Ray, and locked to that format alone.
  11. Charlie

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    Not to worry there still is SD's. :D So you're not locked.
  12. roachgod

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    What counts for me is: Can it be copied?
    I am not interested in a disc format that cannot be played everywhere (region encoding) or copied. What's so cool about a disc format that is being castrated by the companies? What's so cool about a format that suits the companies' needs and not MY needs?
    It appears to me that I live in a world of happy slaves (yeah, the biggest oppressor wins, let's all join him!).
  13. plato

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    R.I.P. HD-DVD :(

    But the worst thing is that BD+ has not been cracked until now and I consider it doubtful that it will happen in the next time.
    Nevertheless I am waiting with bated breath until James will scream "Eureka!" and BD+ is no longer a problem! :D