Forgien Films, Subtitles, SRT vs Bandwidth vs multiple stereo/5.1 tracks

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    No issues with subtitles from Prime, just Netflix.
    The fix is to use the ‘expand narrow’ feature of
    This feature is normally used to alter the timing to synchronise the subtitle with a point at the end of the movie. (To fix subtitles going out of sync).
    But, feeding that function with the exact time of the last subtitle and regenerating the file, the resultant subtitle file has the desired HH:MM:SS format, no timings are altered. Took a while to get to the bottom of that issue.
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    Another way to fix the single/double digit dilemma is to use the Batch Convert tool in Subtitle Edit. Like any Windows-program, it will have to be installed, but then you will be ready to fix all your files in one go. It takes mere seconds to convert hundreds of files! Make sure that no Convert options have been checked. Just set the output format to SubRip, drag and drop your files on the Input area and click the Convert button.
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    That tool I'm relatively familiar with. Forgot about that function.

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