Forever My Girl Blu-ray problem

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  1. cevitko

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    Used anydvd to rip disk to hard drive. When i then converted the movie to mkv file all with no problems. But when you play the movie, at about 41 min into the movie a black screen appears and says Copy detected (or a rip tool is running if you are trying to watch this movie on your pc). it also from this point has thrown the movie out of sequence. Any ideas or is this just one of those movies that can not be backed up and used.
  2. cevitko

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    This is the log file that was made of the disc.

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  3. Ch3vr0n

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    According to the logfile info, that disc is supported just fine

    Java BD protection good playlists: 444

    Since anydvd doesn't concert to mkv. This is NOT an anydvd problem and your conversion tool is auto selecting the wrong playlist or you are. You also didn't say what you used to convert

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  4. James

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    How? Consider using elby CloneBD.
  5. cevitko

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    However, I used anydvd to rip the blu-ray to hard drive as well as remove the copy protection. I assumed that once the copy protection is removed that no matter what program is used to convert it to mkv would be irrelevant. But I used is dvdfab to convert to mkv and other formats. I use anydvd to remove my copy protection first. I use clonedvd2 to make backups of my dvd's. I will however look into cloneBD as another tool. I do appreciate the help thou.
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Once anydvd removed the protection, full disc playback in a player will behave normally. Converting is a whole different ballgame. At that point a player is no longer involved in making sure it's choosing the correct playlist for conversion.

    In this case dvdcrap is choosing the wrong playlist instead of the one anydvd says is the right one. You'll need to tell it to use that playlist yourself

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  7. Pete

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    CloneBD will do the job correctly for you.
    If you don't intend on compression, the free version will do that for you (though supporting the software by buying is very much appreciated).