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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Zantose, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Zantose

    Zantose New Member

    Hi, is there any way to copy only the forced subtitles without having to copy all the english subtitles in the list?
    I wouldn't mind but everytime i watch my backed up dvds i have to manually turn off the subtitles on my dvd player.

  2. MichaelW

    MichaelW Member

    On the same subject, is there any way to make the forced subtitles, uh, "forced"? In other words, is it possible to force one set of subtitles to play by default?

  3. Zantose

    Zantose New Member

    When i copy all the english subtitles they seem to play automatically for me. I have to turn them off on the dvd player. Does this not happen for you Michael?
  4. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    You need to copy the appropriate subtitle stream in Clonedvd. If you copy all of them, then you need to select what you want using your remote.

    The best solution is to retain the main menus.

    And no; you cannot set default subtitles in Clonedvd.
  5. MichaelW

    MichaelW Member

    When I rip a DVD, I only select the English subtitles as well as any forced subtitles. I'll probably never need the English subtitles, but definitely need the forced ones to give the theater experience, since they were part of the original.

    When I play the DVDs (after ripping), I don't get any subtitles unless I select them. So, to get the full theater experience, I have to go in and select the forced track.

    Too bad, too. It's little (relatively simple) things like this that keep me using DVD Shrink. I'm trying my hardest to love CloneDVD, but it's tough when it's missing what seems like basic functionality (this issue, along with the ability to place multiple tracks on a disc and select their order). I'm definitely buying AnyDVD when my trial is up--just not sure about CloneDVD yet.

  6. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    Shrink does have reauthoring options that Clonedvd doesn't have (Clonedvd never intended to have those features). What Clonedvd does do is retain main menus over split discs; something Shrink can't do. Clonedvd is also useful as a pre-processor. That is, you can remove a lot of junk that you don't want before ripping and then importing into Shrink.
  7. MichaelW

    MichaelW Member

    Thanks for the advice, Webslinger. I realize that its original purpose was not to reauthor discs, but this also seems like features that quite a few people would want/use that it makes sense to incorporate them.

    I am just trying to find a DVD Shrink replacement--something that runs natively under Vista.

    Also, I know that CloneDVD2 works great as a pre-processor, but does it really remove anything that DVD Clone doesn't?

    I'm not trying to pit CloneDVD2 against DVD Shrink--I'm just trying to find the best solution for myself. I want to spend the money to get CloneDVD2 in addition to AnyDVD, but I can't figure out what functionality it gives me that I don't already have. Thanks.

  8. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    dvd clone? hunh? :confused:

    1. You don't have to rip first before using Shrink with these discs:

    2. You can split across two single layer discs and retain the main menus.
  9. MichaelW

    MichaelW Member

    I meant DVD Shrink. :)

    Thanks for your advice, Webslinger. I appreciate you pointing out the benefits and drawbacks of CloneDVD2.

    Like I said before, I'll purchase AnyDVD for sure. I'm just not decided on CloneDVD2 yet.