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Forced subtitles...

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by xCharvelx416, May 11, 2007.

  1. xCharvelx416

    xCharvelx416 Well-Known Member

    Ok..... I haven't been able to find this much needed option in CloneDVD2. Not sure if it's actually an option to begin with....but if Slysoft is considering an update soon, this would be a good thing to have.

    I want to have the option of allowing "forced" subtitles in movies without having to have all the subtitles. Basically what that means:

    Someone talks temporarily in a different language, you see what they say in yours.
    Movies like Star Wars, when Jubba the Hutt talks, you see what he's saying.

    When comparing this to say....DVD Shrink, you can see what I've circled in RED. I am trying to understand what it means "Normal Captions" vs "Captions". Both are available in each program.....but for CloneDVD it's not a pin-point identifier....hard to tell just exactly what it means in CloneDVD.

  2. xCharvelx416

    xCharvelx416 Well-Known Member

    Nothing eh?

    I got some info back from Afterdawn..but I was hoping a developer here would be able to give a more in depth response.