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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Nathan Miller, Jun 6, 2018.

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    I don't know what I may be doing incorrectly but when making an MKV file of a bluray I'm selecting all the english subtitle tracks and then checking the Forced Only box yet I'm still seeing standard subtitles when I select those tracks playing back. My assumption and understanding was that when you select forced only it will *only* copy forced subtitles and the rest would be blank. So shouldn't those tracks essentially be empty if there are no forced subtitles? Instead, I'm getting all the standard subtitles in those tracks. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how this works.
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    Please provide a CloneBD log file. Thanks.
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    Definitely, sorry about that. Here you go!

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    OK, I believe, I can explain.

    Your settings are
    • create extra track for forced subtitles
    • activate the first forced subtitle by default when playing back
    The first of the options would add an additional subtitle track per original track if and only if that one contains any forced subtitles (that is unknown beforehand, those forced subtitles are discovered only during the copy).
    These additional subtitle tracks would show as "forced" in the subtitle selection of your player.

    This disc has no forced subs, so no additional tracks were generated.

    The second option defines which subtitle to activate automatically when playing back. You selected the first English subtitle, forced only, which doesn't exist.
    So none is activated by default.

    This leaves you with a file with only normal subtitles, so if you choose to activate one of them, you get the normal subtitle.
  5. Nathan Miller

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    Ok, I believe I understand your response for the most part. I guess I'm not following the second option and it's use. The first option makes total sense. I understood the second option as being two different things, meaning, the default track that a player would select and the option to *only* copy the forced subtitles, regardless of which default track was selected. What I mean is, I assumed selecting forced only would mean it would look for the forced flag in all of the subtitles I selected in the previous screen and if it found one to be force flagged it would then, because of the first option, create an additional track with only the forced subtitles. Hopefully someone can help make that more clear for me but in the meantime it's probably good for me to share what my end result goal is so that you can tell me the best way to achieve it :)

    I'd like to copy a movie and if it has forced subs (obviously they have to be flagged or they won't be detectable and I understand that not all forced subs are) I want the final mkv of the movie to contain *only* the forced sub, flagged as forced, and that is all. I don't want any additional subs. I'm using Infuse Pro 5 as my player and if the sub is marked as forced it will automatically play it. I hope that all makes sense around what I'm trying to achieve.

    Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. Maybe someone here has a better suggestion. If so, I'd love to hear it. Maybe extracting the subs from the MKV container is the way to go and just using SRT files alongside the MKV containing only the video would be best. I've read many suggestions here. I feel like I've got a fairly good grasp on how this works in terms of subtitles on blu ray, just trying to figure out the best way to go about getting what I want and whether I'm understanding the setting options in CloneBD. Been ripping my movies for 10+ years even before the slysoft days...all the way to now and ripping 4k's...the idea and concepts are still generally the same :)