For the first time - truncated video, but normal audio

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Mollenoh, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. Mollenoh

    Mollenoh Well-Known Member

    This issue is similar to the audio truncation problem. But this time the problem is the opposite - the audio is fine, but 12 seconds at the end of the video is missing.

    Star Trek: Picard season 1 episode 3 on Amazon Prime:

    Video 42:36
    Audio 42:48

    An on-line web-browser plays the complete end credits, so I know that the video is there, but not all is downloaded. Re-downloading doesn't help, so it's not just a temporary error. It happens every time with that episode.

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  2. donaf

    donaf Well-Known Member

    I have experienced the same issue with video being truncated (looks like it is frozen) near the end of the movie. The audio continues to play until the end, but the video is frozen with the remaining ~51 seconds missing. The interesting thing is that it appears to only occur with the E-AC-3 audio selections (tested the 224 & 128 kbps and it exhibits this behavior). If I download it in 128kbps AAC-LC Stereo or 64 kbps AAC-SBR Stereo it does not occur.

    So far, I've only observed this for the following movie downloaded from Amazon Prime:

    The Good Earth (1937)

    I have uploaded the logs from both the truncated and correctly downloaded versions. The truncated version (224 kbps E-AC-3 stereo) of the movie shows the length at 2:17:18 and the correctly downloaded version (128 kbps AAC-LC stereo) shows the length of the video file to be 2:18:09, which is what it should be. The E-AC-3 stereo seems to download the full length of audio while truncating the video portion just shy of nearly one minute of the remainder of the movie's video. This is an older movie so perhaps E-AC-3 compatibility isn't even really there to begin with and only for the AAC stereo is compatible. However, an end user would not know with all the audio selections being available (E-AC-3 / AAC options).


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  3. Mollenoh

    Mollenoh Well-Known Member

    You're absolutely right, @donaf. I re-downloaded Star Trek: Picard episode 3 with 128 kbps AAC-LC stereo sound, and that made the video complete. All that remained was to mux the newly downloaded video with my previously downloaded E-AC3 soundtrack. A good workaround, but probably still a minor bug in AnyStream that should be fixed if possible.
  4. donaf

    donaf Well-Known Member

    Glad it worked for you also @Mollenoh! Hopefully, this is a something they can address with a software fix.

  5. SynapseDon

    SynapseDon Member

    I posted about this same issue before with the film OVER THE EDGE, via Amazon Prime. Film freezes but audio continues to play, with 30 seconds remaining in the end credits. I will try downloading it with a different soundtrack selection and see what happens!
  6. donaf

    donaf Well-Known Member

    Please post your experience using a different (AAC) audio option. I believe we're forming a predictable pattern of software behavior here. Hopefully, it will help out the developers in pinpointing the issue.

    Thanks @SynapseDon !

  7. SynapseDon

    SynapseDon Member

    In my excitement over the possibility of actually getting one of my favorite films finally complete... I just switched to unlimited and re-downloaded OVER THE EDGE just now... and, switching to 128 AAC-LC actually WORKED... the entire film downloaded from beginning to end with no freezing. Finally!

    Before, I had opted for the "224 kbps E-AC-3 Stereo" and the film would never complete. The video always froze, as the audio continued to the end. Now, I switched the film to "128 kbps AAC-LC Stereo" and the film downloaded with no issues... so developers take note! Awesome that we've pinpointed a weird issue that could be (hopefully) fixed! Thanks @donaf and @Mollenoh for bringing this up and helping pinpoint a possible future solution.
  8. Prospere

    Prospere RedFox Development Team

    Thanks for the logs! We're taking care of this.
  9. donaf

    donaf Well-Known Member

    That's great news! Thanks for your prompt attention to this issue. If you need me to verify any beta version on my end, I'm willing to do so to help out if needed.