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Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by sondeterra, Feb 29, 2008.

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    OK all finally bit the bullet while reinstalling software on a friends 'puter and decided to enter the 21st century by upgrading to Windows XP. Then while rebuilding another computer for another friend decided to build my own HTPC. Ordered parts and pieces(Bare bones kit with motherboard that supports SPDIF out). Installed a new Liteon burner but the cable supplied wasn't long enough so like an idiot I installed a longer cable from previous computer. MISTAKE the cable was an old 40 wire cable all sorts of nutsy things started to happen. wouldn't read software or DVD's inserted in drive even said DVD was Data DVD. VSO inspector said drive was region free tried update using ltrpc didn't work. This morning found additional 80 wire cable I had purchased months ago when getting my old compaq optimized for burning and backing up. Installed and voila drives were properly recognized regions properly designated and all is right with the world except I had corrupted Power DVD and needed to reload software. Lesson unless you totally gork it with a screwdriver and the power on almost anything is salvagable and the little things do count. Don't fear trying to build your own time, patience, and effort will achieve what you wish.
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    Drives (HDD or Optical) connected using 40 Wire IDE Cables must be jumpered Master/Slave.
    Drives connected using 80 Cables can be jumpered to CS(Cable Select) and Master/Slave is determined by the location of the drive on the cable. i.e. end of cable (Black connector) will be seen as Master.....Middle of cable (Gray connector) will be seen as Slave.
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    Of Course

    Yes you are correct that you have to properly jumper the M/S configuration I had done that, now battling non recognition of floppy drive.