For Disney+ subscribers, questions about WKRP

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Watcher0363, Apr 16, 2021.

  1. Watcher0363

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    I google WKRP in Cincinnati and it showed that it was streaming on Disney+. Would like to know if that is true? And if so, do you know if it is streaming with the original soundtrack? If yes to both I will subscribe to Disney +, just to get the Thanksgiving turkey drop episode.
  2. KBJ2007

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    What market are you in? When I Google the show it shows iTunes as being the streamer for Season 1, I don't know about the rest. I checked Disney+(USA) and there is no WKRP listed.
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  3. Watcher0363

    Watcher0363 Well-Known Member

    I am in the USA, knew it was too good to be true. I have never used itunes.
  4. DQ

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    The fact that you know what that show is and that you know that episode makes you a winner in my book :p

    However, I checked for it on D+ (I am in the US) and did not see it.
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  5. Watcher0363

    Watcher0363 Well-Known Member

    Okay thanks, the fact you can't search most streaming sites without subscribing, is just criminal. The thing with shows like WKRP, Tour of Duty that are heavy with music, did not have the music rights transferred to dvd releases. And I am not sure if those rights have transferred to streaming or not. Well, maybe with time, Amazon Prime will come through for me and carry it with full music rights.
  6. SBS2020

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    I doubt there is any source of all WKRP episodes with intact original music. A few years ago, Shout Factory released the full set on DVD, MOSTLY intact. There were a few music clips they couldn't get the rights to. What aired on TV as reruns has its set of problems. Good luck in your search (Watcher0363).

    As far as I know, Pink Floyd will not release their music to WKRP. I am sure there are other artists too.
  7. DrXenos

    DrXenos Well-Known Member

    The music used in WKRP has change even before the DVD era. There is one episode (Patter of Little Feet) where Johnny Fever is supposed to play something... (I don't remember--something not rock 'n' roll), in the original broadcast he plays, Thank Heaven for Little Girls, sung by Maurice Chevalier. In syndication, it was changed to The Carpenters' Long Ago (which completely ruined the joke, in my opinion).

  8. Watcher0363

    Watcher0363 Well-Known Member

    This is why I want the original music. So many of the fade in fade outs of this show usually had the perfect music. The fact the owners of this show will not work this out is a shame. The law should forced them to clearly state on the dvd's that this is not the original show. I can not remember when shown in syndication, if it carries the modified content warning. The only thing that bothered more until last year, was not being able to get a good copy of Spenser for Hire until last year, because family members were fighting over the rights. I will continue to hope that imdb gets the streaming rights and a lot of the music is intact.
  9. zero269

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    Register a free account with JustWatch and add WRKP to your Watchlist to track where it's available to stream, rent or buy.
    Right now only Season 1 is available on digital: AppleTV+, Prime and VUDU.
    If you want the Complete DVD collection, this is your best option for now:
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