"foiled by pirating software"

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    It's all a lie by the MPAA to force more "protection" on us. We all know that it's at least another 9 years before it gets broken. ;)
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    i find it quite amusing that apparently fair use = piracy, and piracy = more cost for the consumer. in reality, its the copy protection on the disks that directly causes the price increase. because of all the licensing for the "unbreakable":disagree: :D copy protections.
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    Just so I understand the OP's link this means that they are making it where if the firmware upgrade isn't in play nor the original disc it just won't play? What about home movies burned from a Video Camera then?
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    What it means is that normal consumers will need a firmware update. Webslinger's link was an article that referred to a DVD Town news story. Since the DVD Town site is slow as molasses I will quote it below. Refer down to the bolded paragraphs.

    Here is a link to the original DVD Town news story: http://www.dvdtown.com/news/new-blu-ray-copy-protection-cracked/5445.

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    My Samsung BD-P1400 played both without incident, so if DVDTown are suggesting they won't work without an update they're wrong.
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    Thanks DlAd that clears it up. You need it if you don't have the back yet to watch this title. This will be on going and sony most likely will never have a standard leaving their customers with old outdated equipment well this could happen.
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    More good reasons Not to buy a stand-alone (STB) Blu-Ray player!