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Jan 28, 2007
I only ran across this little gem a few days ago. I had ripped a movie, 'Inside Man', back in Nov/Dec released July 06, using DVDD and AnyDVD, but the damn files would not open in Shrink. No way, no chance! This article will give you the reasons and the solution. http://tinyurl.com/ubwg7

It could well be that updates in AnyDvd have addressed this problem now? It only ever happened one time, but it's handy to know there is a quick (ish) remedy:)
Used that program along with Ripit4me to get Saw III working. Put the files through Shrink and then onto my hdd since Nero won't work with Vista. Used CloneDVD to make the final DVD.

Slysoft came out with the fix on AnyDVD yesterday and eliminated all those steps.