Fixing blacklisting once and for all?

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by Kurbster, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. Kurbster

    Kurbster Well-Known Member

    every release lately has have the following change:

    - Updated blacklisting support

    Is this because of SecuROM constantly updating their detection of Game Jackal whenever a new game or patch is released?

    Also, has there been any progress on preventing SecuROM from detecting Game Jackal, no matter how many updates they make?
  2. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    I think it's a big cat and mouse game. But maybe matthew will offer more insight.

    Also, once a program starts hiding from the OS, people will come out and accuse that program of being a rootkit, which may be true (but it's not as though all rootkits have bad intentions).
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  3. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    This is a tough one... Webslinger is right in the cat and mouse analogy. However we are moving to a design that make it difficult for any protection to detect Game Jackal... With ever release we tweak Game Jackal a little more in an effort to minimize any emulation issue. ;)

    Atm there shouldn't be any really emulation issues... for the most part all should be good. If users are getting emulation issues we need to know so we can sort it out.