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    Star Wars 7 original media: in Pioneer BDR- 209 burner/drive, AnyDvD/HD new decription, then new CloneBD used to burn at 100%, at maximum speed, original sound tract..on a Verbatim BD-R DL
    Result: Successful back up....Total Time for processing & burning: " 2 hours, 46 minutes " ( 166 minutes)

    IS THIS ACCEPTABLE? NORMAL? _________________________

    ***there was a day when my first old ImgBurn app (updated 2580 app corrupted it) with AnyDvdHD could handle
    this in 1/2 the time this CloneBD 1079 takes***
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    Nothing unusual but there is no 'normal'. Every system is different. CPU, GPU, hard drive type, other active processes, every one of those factors affects total processing time.

    And no IMGBurn can't and never could handle it in half the time. You're comparing apples with oranges. CloneBD splits the video stream up in video, audio and subtitles. Analyzes if anything needs to be done then puts it all back together. IMGBurn does none of that. It simply copies the files 1:1 to an ISO container and doesn't touch them. Pretty sure video files are still semi forced through the encoder to optimize it.
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    Thank You ! I understand & Appreciate your quick helpful response, BB Trussell ( trussme)