First Attempt at UHD - FAIL

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (UHD only)' started by QuakeTen, Jul 22, 2020.

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    I've been backing up and playing BD for many years using the software but I recently updated my home system to support UHD. Maybe I was overzealous in backing up my media and made a mistake somewhere. I did a backup to .iso and used the same settings I have for my BD catalog. The UHD rip appears to have worked fine and completes in full.

    So, I have backed up several discs already and when I attempt playback, they all freeze at a black screen before loading the menu. I see in the sticky posts that this may mean that RedFox needs the log file to add the correct key. I would think that my discs were already in the database considering some are older titles. Here is a list of UHD discs where this has happened:

    The Hunger Games (all 4)
    Frozen 2
    Knives Out
    Star Wars - Episode 9

    Am I missing something or just have bad luck that I've picked titles/discs that are currently not supported?

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    I don't burn the ISOs but rather rip them with v8.4.9.0 to the Synology NAS. The UHD disc appears to rip just fine to the Synology NAS. While ripping, I get no errors and the whole file appears to be there (e.g. ~90GB). Everything goes just as if I had ripped a regular BD on my LG M-Disc (I don't recall exactly but I did by one with the proper firmware which I think was 1.02 back in 2018).

    The problem comes when I select the file to play on my Oppo 203. At this point, the movie looks like it starts to load and then the screen just stays black. If I press play or any function, I get a small icon on the top right of the screen which I believe is the prohibited action icon (red circle with the slash through it). The front of the Oppo screen reads "Top Menu".

    If I play any of my legacy BD rips, they will load and work fine.

  4. SamuriHL

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    Post a log from one of them that are failing. A log from the original disc. I'll take a look in the morning if no one else gets to it. Just one log will suffice.

    P. S. I assume the original plays on the OPPO just fine right?

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  5. James

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    So you use a jailbroken Oppo for playback? Hint: You can try to play the original UHD directly from the shared Windows drive with the Oppo. Does this work? If not, you can play around with AnyDVD settings (speedmenus, and whatnot)
    If all is well, you can create an iso.
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    Yes, using the Oppo is my new approach with my move to a 4K / Dolby Atmos setup in my home theater. The original discs play fine when directly inserted into the Oppo. For example, Star Wars Episode 9. I attached a logfile for this disc here. Not sure if I did that logfile correctly as I didn't re-rip the movie. I simply inserted the disc and created the file. Please confirm if this is correct or if I need to do something else.

    When you say I could play the UHD directly from a shared windows drive. Do you mean I should mount the .iso, shared the virtual drive over the network, then play from the Oppo?

    The only change lately I've made to AnyDVD settings was within Speedmenus. I was never using them, then I might have enabled for a bit, and now I have them removed as the Oppo uses the original menu. Maybe I'll try another rip with the SpeedMenu off for sure and try playback to rule that out.

    Thanks for all the help, suggestions, and review of the log. :)

    Edit: Sorry - additional update - I confirmed my LG drive is version 1.02.
  7. SamuriHL

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    Alright so it's an NS40 with 1.02 firmware which is UHD friendly. AnyDVD is decrypting the disc just fine, so, there's no problem there. After you rip the disc, how are you playing the rip on the Oppo? Are you burning it to a disc? Or some other playback mechanism?
  8. QuakeTen

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    All .iso playback is through the Oppo's networking option. No physical media.
  9. SamuriHL

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    And you're just using the rip to image function of AnyDVD? Can you download and try to create an ISO with CloneBD? It's free for some usages, and one of them is creating a non-compressed backup. See if that makes any difference.
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    So I made some progress. I think the .iso files are okay. I just hooked up one of my older players to give it a try. The Popcorn Hour A-500 will play all the 4K .iso files without any issue. I would prefer to not use the Popcorn Hour for playback as I don't believe it will support HDR. I'll try a new rip or two with AnyDVD and also CloneBD and report back.
  11. James

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    No, you insert the original disc in your Windows drive and play from this drive. The drive must be shared, of course. AnyDVD - as a real time decrypter - will do its magic.
    Now you can play with AnyDVD settings and see immediately the result on your Oppo. No need to rip again and again and again...
  12. QuakeTen

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    Thank you. I am not sure what benefit there is for me from this option. If I want to play from the physical media, I insert the disc into my Oppo player directly. The only reason I rip is to be able to scroll through the titles on the theater screen, and simply press play once we see the title we want to watch. A secondary benefit is that it allows me to keep the physical media at my second home so I have my movies available at both homes.
  13. James

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    Testing. At the moment, you only see a black screen, don't you? You can create isos if you don't...
  14. QuakeTen

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    No, I see the full movie with my 1080p BD isos and when I put the physical disc in the Oppo, I also can watch the movie. I also can watch other file types at 4K (e.g. MKV).
  15. SamuriHL

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    That's not what he was asking. Put a UHD in your drive, share the drive over the network, with AnyDVD active, and see if the movie will play on the Oppo. He wants to know if that still shows the black screen or not. This is a test to eliminate problems.
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    @SamuriHL - Thank you for this clarification

    @James - Sorry that I didn't piece that together myself.
  17. QuakeTen

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    Significant progress!

    So I re-ripped Frozen II and 1917 with AnyDVD to .iso and both are working fine. On both, I made sure the SpeedMenu was disabled. As I said earlier, I think I did mess with the speedmenu option at some point and that must be the issue. Especially since the movie hangs before anything else happens. The Oppo player must not like something related to the speedmenu.

    So, next question. Is there any way I can remove speedmenu on my existing ISOs without re-ripping completely? This is isolated to my more recent rips so there are only about ten 4k isos files impacted.
  18. Ch3vr0n

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    No, once speedmenu's are added they replace the original menu. There is an option to keep the original menu but that then becomes the backup menu. The main menu will be the original menu. You will need to rerip
  19. James

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    No. That's why I suggested to "test first, rip later". And this really is AnyDVD's strong feature, you DON'T HAVE TO RIP.
  20. SamuriHL

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    Or you can rip to protected iso, mount it in virtual clonedrive and allow anydvd to decrypt it in real time while you share the virtual drive over the network.

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