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  1. govindar76

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    I just got Dell to change my drive from Matshita to a HLDS (Hitachi/LG).

    I would like to upgrade the firmware for the drive to a region free one.

    I was directed by Jameds to look at "The Firmware Page". But the website seems to be down now, and has been for a while. Is there any other firmware site, where i can find the RPC-1 firmware I need.

    My drive is the HLDS GSA-S10N.

    Thanks for any assistance.
  2. stephanenyc

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    M1330 optical drive


    I just received my M1330 with the Matshita drive and would like to change it to the LG. How did you do it? How did you convince Dell to do it? Did they charge you?

    Please advice thank you

    By the way there is a LG driver on dell support website for the M1330. But perhaps you are already aware ot it

    Thank you

  3. oldjoe

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    stephanenyc INSISTENT with Dell. They keep using the Matshita drives, knowing they are low quality and they will replace it if you keep insisting.
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  4. stephanenyc

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    Thank you for your advice. I will try today and request the LG/Hitachi instead of the one I have
  5. govindar76

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    Yup, thats exactly what I did. I think it also helps if you get a tech who is sympathetic.
  6. oldjoe

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    Or one who actually has some comprehension of the English language. :D
  7. stephanenyc

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    I succeed to change my optical drive


    Thank you for your help. After spending more than 3 hours on the phone with DELL customer service and Technical Support over 3 days. I succeed to convince them to change my DVD drive to the LG Hitachi one. Not easy, I did receive 2 Panasonic drives than I need to sent back and finally received the LG/Hitachi this morning. A Dell guy came home to changed it. I have DVD Region+CSS Free from (Free trial version) and it works great with my DVDs zone 1 and 2.

    Thank you again and Happy Holiday Season

  8. TM2-Megatron

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    It's probably easier to just replace the thing yourself than try to deal with Dell's irritating support system. For under $30, you should be able to pick up a Samsung SH-S203B; which is one of the best burners available at the moment, based on reviews.
  9. oldjoe

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    Way to hang in there!!! :D