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Firmware update for Matshita BD-RE UJ262


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Oct 27, 2016
Hi all!

I just bought a blue ray drive for my Dell Latitude E6540, the drive I bought is a Matshita BD-RE UJ262. It currently has firmware version 1.01 in it, a quick search seems to indicate that the latest firmware version is 1.31, but when I go to the page on the burn4free site to download the update, it has three different download links to three different files with no clear indication which file is the correct one.

Here is the URL to the page with the firmware updates:

And here are the files, and links to them, found on that page:
Installer - DVD Firmwares Update_1229392176.exe

Installer - DVD Firmwares Update_2394681681.exe

Installer - DVD Firmwares Update_3507243935.exe

Now that I look at it again, I find it strange that Matshita apparently doesn't list these updates on their own site, or at least a google search turns up no hits on Matshita's site, so now I question whether these are even legitimate firmware updates.

Can anyone help?

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I would not follow these sites. Basically that drive is very old and you should just stick with it's firmware. I have not found any major glitch that has been corrected. Matshita drives are "special" anyway. Usually they are trouble if you have discs from other regions. Otherwise just fine.
Relax and stay with your firmware version.
That works for me, if there's no official update, then I'll just use what I have. I just like to have the latest firmware whenever possible.

And, yeah, I know about Matshita's bad behavior when the drive's region isn't set, that's not a problem for me, since I live in the United States and only know English, setting the region to 1 isn't a problem.