Firmware 1.01 for LG BE16NU50

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Drives' started by Hotaru, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Hotaru

    Hotaru New Member


    I have an external LG BE16NU50 burner with firmware 1.00.
    Has anybody the original firmware-file 1.01 from LG?
    Or can I rip UHD-disks with firmware 1.00 too?
    LG has only the Version 1.02 online.

  2. TeddyRaspin

    TeddyRaspin Well-Known Member

    Here we go.

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  3. Hotaru

    Hotaru New Member

    Is there a fast method to get this .bin file on my device?
    I have to upgrade and not downgrade - so the drive isn't protected.
  4. Terramex

    Terramex Well-Known Member

    You can try the attached LG flasher, but you maybe have to remove the drive from its enclosure and use dosflash instead.
    And if you have to use dosflash you must use your own firmware backup data instead - not the attached clean one.

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  5. vayra

    vayra New Member

    I bought this drive too, but it has firmware 1.02, can I use this procedure for downgrading to 1.01?
  6. amazing

    amazing Well-Known Member

    @TeddyRaspin i have a BE16NU50 do i have the correct firmware or will this drive even work for uhd and if i use for uhd can the drive also be used for bluray to
  7. michaelzs

    michaelzs New Member

    same qusetion here,how downgrading to 1.01
  8. testiles

    testiles Well-Known Member

    Just FYI, you can rip UHD's with 1.00.

    That's the firmware my NU50 has and it reads and rips UHD's flawlessly.

  9. Stifler77

    Stifler77 New Member


    i use a LG BE16NU50 Rom 1.02
    i try to use the Flash cleaner , but there comes a error message checksum error

    how can i get the 1.01 on my drive?

    Thank you for help.