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    Could somebody help me with Speedmenu operation. I have read the AnyDVDHD manual and searched the forum but cannot see the answer.

    2 PCs, one that rips and one that plays the rips. I am asking for UHD but I guess the same applies to BR or DVD.

    On the ripping PC - 2 options basically Speedmenu is on or off. I rip a disk twice, once with Speedmenu enabled and once disabled. Keep Original Menus is ticked.

    For the rip created with Speedmenu ON if I set Speedmenu to disabled on the player PC, it will play with a Speedmenu always or only if it has not been able to preserve original menus? In other words does it matter what the Speedmenu setting is on the player PC for a rip created with Speedmenus enabled?

    For the rip created with Speedmenu DISABLED, if the player Speedmenu is disabled then obviously it will play the original menu. If Speedmenu is Enabled it will play with Speedmenu? Will it always be able to play original menus from the Speedmenu or only if it could preserve them, or do I need to disable Speedmenu and have AnyDVD reload the ISO to play original menus?

    Sorry fro the long questions, if there is anywhere I can read about this please point me to the page...
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    Hi @tgp7777777.

    Here's what I find.

    I'm assuming that you are using AnyDVD to Rip to Image (not folder). Because SpeedMenu only comes into play for discs or iso's.

    Also assuming you are not preserving protection when you rip. If protection is preserved, it doesn't matter what the recording PC is set to. The playing PC treats the image just like it would the original disc.

    So if the image is unprotected and was created with SpeedMenu OFF, then the playing PC will create a SpeedMenu if it has that option is ON. But I find often in this case, the Original Menu can't be preserved. You have to turn off SpeedMenu to get to it.

    If the image is unprotected and SpeedMenu is ON on the recording PC, the SpeedMenu displays even if SpeedMenu is OFF on the playing PC.

    I don't currently have an unprotected movie image created with SpeedMenu ON to test, but I seem to remember some issue when playing such an image with SpeedMenu ON on the playing PC. Maybe it was just a warning message of some kind? I'll have to create one to test...

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    Wrong. If you rip to folder WITH the speedmenu setting active, it'll work just fine too. Speedmenu replaces the original menu entirely
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    ... I meant on the playing PC not the recording one. I wasn't clear there.

    If you play a ripped folder on a PC, the SpeedMenu setting on that PC doesn't come into play.

    Only when playing discs or iso's.

    @tgp7777777 , I created an unprotected iso with SpeedMenu ON and can confirm the SpeedMenu is displayed when the iso is played regardless of the setting on the playing PC.

    If the playing PC has SpeedMenu ON, AnyDVD status gives a warning that the SpeedMenu already exists and it is skipping SpeedMenu processing, which makes perfect sense.

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    @testiles thanks very much for the very helpful reply, that has clarified things perfectly. Much appreciated amigo.
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    No problem.