Fine-tuning CloneDVD mobile settings

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by grose, Dec 28, 2007.

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    Another member was kind enough to post some excellent advice about resolution settings for DivX encoding -- however, I don't see where I can use any settings other than the presets -- is it possible to manually configure resolution settings in CloneDVD Mobile? Thanks,

  2. KnoWei

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    You can experiment with adding Resolutions to your Devices.ini file. I haven't done this yet myself. I've also noted that CloneDVD Mobile seems to be able to take input from the DVD parameters and then offers more or fewer options for resolution. Resolution tunning is actually the next thing on my list of things to understand better.

    Be sure to make a backup copy of your Devices.ini file so you can replace it if you botch things.

    Also assuming someday you will update your CloneDVD Mobile your modified Device.ini file will most likely be overwritten by the new one from Slysoft. So keep track of your customizes so you can repeat them.

    BTW would you mind posting a link to the thread where you found the recommendations. I'd like to read that too.