Finding the correct playlist on obsfucated discs

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm new here, but I just came up with a new (I think) method of finding the correct playlist for Blu-Rays on playlist obfuscated discs and wanted to share it somewhere for posterity. I have been looking for the best method for some time now and I think this is it. I figured this was an appropriate place to post it. I'm sorry if this is already a known method, but I haven't seen mention of it before and it seems novel to me. Mods - if this is the wrong location, sorry and move it please!

    To do this method, you will need 2 additional pieces of software first:
    You will also need AnyDVD HD to remove AACS when you actually get to ripping. :)

    Here is how to find the playlist you want:
    1. Run "Procmon.exe" (or "Procmon64.exe") as an Administrator
    2. Press "Ctrl-L" to open the filters. (Alternatively: Filter -> Filter...) (The filters menu may pop-up on launch also)
    3. Remove all existing filters
    4. Add the following filter:
      Column: Path
      Relation: ends with
      Value: mpls
      Action: Include
    5. Click "OK"
    6. Ensure "Capture Events" is on/checked (File -> Capture Events)
    7. Start up your Blu-Ray in your Blu-Ray software and navigate to the feature for which you want to find the playlist file
    8. Once the feature is playing, go back to Process Monitor and look at the output; there will be a bunch of output talking about various playlists, but the last output should be the playlist file of the currently playing feature.

    So how does this work? Process Monitor will tell you low-level information about Windows processes, such as what file is being accessed. When your Blu-Ray software reads the playlist file to see what to play, Process Monitor knows that this read request has happened and logs it for you to see. You can now see exactly what playlist is used when playing various features on the Blu-Ray without having to guess or experiment.

    I hope this helps someone. Good luck!
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    sorry to bust your bubble, but that's not a new method, it's a very old one.

    Doesn't work anymore either and hasn't worked for a LONG time. That method only worked in the early days of screenpass too, after a while screenpass got updated to use "cached playlists".

    Meaning in players like PowerDVD, it would use the CORRECT CLIP SEQUENCE under the playlist number of an incorrect one, that way when people used this process monitor thing, they'd see the number of the incorrect one (despite it "using" the proper sequence) and rip that with the end result being, clips still in the wrong order.
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    Well damn.... Thanks for the info!
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    I think it's important to add: the main reason why this method doesn't work anymore, is because back then, someone announced how to do this on this very forum. Shortly after this "trick" was null and void.
    Sony DADC (or Denuvo, whoever handles this protection these days) are regular guests here.

    In general: it's great if you have new ideas, but chances are, that we've had the same ideas long ago, might even be using them right now.
    If you blurt it out here for everyone to read, you might just be making our lives much harder.

    Imagine the makers of Screen Pass discussing their ideas in some public forum of theirs for us to read. For some odd reason they don't...

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