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    I have noticed after coping several DVD's (CloneDVD) and Blu Ray discs (CloneBD) my hard drive is starting to get full. Does the software store the files on your computer and then you have to periodically delete these files? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    CloneDVD deletes the temp files when you enable that setting on the last screen. CloneBD does the opposite, it deletes them by default and only keeps them if you tell it to. As to WHERE it keeps those temp files, you can find the CloneDVD location at the bottom of the last screen before you hit 'go'. With CloneBD you specify the temp path in the settings.

    Note: that both delete the files to the trashcan. The files still take up hdd space until you empty it.

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    I can recommend a pretty cool tool:
    It will scan your disc, present it to you graphically and you can tell very easily where the "big" chunks are, that are worth deleting to free up space.
    In case you have any orphaned temp files left over by CloneBD, you'll spot them in an instance, because they are very large.
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    Thanks, I will check it out. Have a great day!