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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by DQ, Feb 7, 2021.

  1. DQ

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    So I am just playing around with the AnyStream trial. I downloaded a few episodes of an old show I actually own on DVD. My processed DVD files are about 250MB. But when I download the same episodes from Amazon using AnyStream (which appear to be similar quality) they are about 3GB each.

    I am not at all saying this is an issue I am just completely curious about the differences in file sizes. I can say that i think my DVD files are probably in 480P where the Amazon versions claims 1080P although since this is from the 80's I doubt seriously the source is actually 1080.

    I have yet to play them on a TV to compare I have only seen them on my PC monitor at this point.

    Again, this is not an issue, I am just curious. Thank you
  2. DeepSpace

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    Amazon may have a higher resolution and a higher bitrate as well.
    Also they may have reduced the quality on some movies to get them on the DVD, but Amazon don't have to.

    I also don't understand why some old things are avaible in 1080p there, bc they are never this good.
    But maybe they made a new scan from the tape or just newer released the best version somewhere.
  3. DQ

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    Understood and that makes sense but a 10x size difference just makes me wonder. It's not like Amazon's version is in 4k (again this is TV from the 80s) and my DVD is just 480p. Now I do believe their sound quality is far better but I don't see that making THAT much of a size difference. Maybe they upscale older stuff like TVs do or something to that effect.
  4. DeepSpace

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    Well, it is not 10x the size.
    A DVD is 4,7 or around 8 GB (DL).
    Please don't compare them to your processed DVD files, you should compare it with the original DVD source.
  5. DQ

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    Got it, but at the same time I am sure it's not the original source files that are coming down from Amazon either. In fact it would behoove them to only have more compression and smaller files for somewhat similar quality. So I am left with the same question, why would the Amazon episodes be so much larger. Now if this has something to do with Anystream behind the scenes then so be it, it is only out of curiosity I ask about the file size and it's not a complaint I don't care about the size at the end of the day.

    But in my experience a "processed" full movie (2 hrs) from a DVD might be up to 3GB or so. These 20 min episodes from Amazon are that size. If I can process a DVD and it's close to source quality at X size, I would imagine Amazon can do even better than I can. But I would think that would result in smaller files not larger.

    Just wondering technically why their files are larger. I am sure there is good reason for it I am just curious what those reasons might be.
  6. Zoltan Sallay

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    If you want Amazon compare a DVD Rip download in 480p not in HD.

    By the way doesn't matter when a movie or TV Show made. In the past they are used 35mm film or other type to record not a Digital SD card like nowadays so older movies and shows can be scan even 4K or 8K. That is the benefit of old style tech. Movies / TV show recorded in digital 1080p never be released in 4K, 8K etc. only upscaled.

    An amazon HD file max Bitrate around 13.5 MB/s.