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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by andcbii, Nov 11, 2020.

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    Does anyone else see a huge range in file sizes for the same TV show. For example I got Schitt's Creek S3E7 and it's almost 1.2GB, S3E8 is closer to .5GB. Both are 1080p and DD+.
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    quite normal with vbr, which is actually good for you: you're not wasting bits :)
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    Same time duration?

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    as it is regarding size of the file discussion , i too wanna clear my doubt as I have purchased license just before 2 days.

    1.If I select "Limit download speed to : 1(real time recommeded)
    2. : Unlimited

    changing 1 to Unlimited results in any qualiy loss or less size file
    2. and another doubt is , using Anystream tool are we downloding the pure untouched file without any loss?

    please anyone answer it : Thanks in advance :)
  5. testiles

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    Changing the download speed only affects how long the completed download takes, not it's quality or file size at all.

    The file is downloaded as it's sent from the Provider.

    You have the option to pick at what resolution and that determines your picture quality.

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    Great thanks mate :)
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    Yw! :=)