file corrupt on sony psp

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    ZUKOSKY New Member

    i'm triying to copy a dvd on my psp, i'm following some instruction from afterdawn and dave taylor but all i see on my psp is a file corrupt.

    i try with all the possible features that the dvd mobile provide for sony psp

    i'm using dvdclone mobile + any dvd :confused:
    psp version 3.80
    psp star war edition (white one)

    if you need more information please let me know, i'm a rookie.

    bye and thanks for your help!!!!
  2. Spanky

    Spanky Well-Known Member

    Hi ZUKOSKY and welcome to the forum. If you are trying to use the 720x480 frame resolution that one doesn't work. Use the 480x272 H264 FW >3.30 and copy the file to the video folder. It should work fine for you.

    ZUKOSKY New Member

    thanks Spanky!!!! i will try and let you know.