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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Sly_Cooper, Sep 19, 2018.

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    So I am trying to figure out after copying my with Clone DVD2 how to convert my DVDs to an MP4 file so that I can watch them on my phone and was wondering if any one could help me figure that out?
    Unless I don't need to convert the file to MP4 to play them, then in that case my question would be how can I play my burned DVDs on my cell phone?
    I have been using CloneDVD2, choosing the quality option (DVD +/- R DL). I can play the file on my computer with VLC player but I am unable to do the same on my android phone.
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    That's because (as the product page description states) clonedvd 2 only outputs to valid DVD structure. An mp4 isn't a DVD. You're looking for a DVD converter, like Clonedvd mobile (get the version, don't use 1.9xx they're buggy), handbrake or vso DVD converter

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    Thanks for the information! Started using Clonedvd mobile, works great, these products are amazing!