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  1. Tom E.

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    Just bought an LG BH16NS55 drive with firmware version 1.02 and not sure where to move next.
    How is the disc support (movies) for Anydvd compared to DeUHD? And is AnyDVD able to remove cinavia from all discs or some?
  2. mbarnstijn

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    @Tom E.

    AnyDVD's Cinavia removal is one of two things, and works as well on UHD discs as it does for Blu-rays, according to the RedFox developers (I think that answers one of your questions):

    1. blocking detection in playback software, such as PowerDVD, that is running on the same computer as AnyDVD. So this only works during real-time playback of the disc/ISO image, and cannot be captured and stored for playback on another device or computer;

    2. removing Cinavia from the audio tracks, working in conjunction ONLY with CloneBD, to produce an ISO or media file that has lossy audio (no TrueHD, no DTS-HD, no DTS-X). The resulting modified audio has a "warble" that can either be ignored or not, depending on how picky you are about audio fidelity.

    Best to play back your resulting UHD disc backup with a system that doesn't have Cinavia detection in it at all or is disabled during playback -- you get the best audio fidelity that way.

  3. Tom E.

    Tom E. Active Member

    Thank you for replying Michael. I was thinking of the amount of movies it supports to decrypt compared to DeUHD. Think I read somewhere that makemkv had hashed keys for several hundred movies.
    And about the cinavia, I have a license from earlier on for DVDFab. DVDFab can create a blu-ray movie on a bd disc for playback on a standalone bd player with cinavia removed, but its not all movies that are supported.
    So if I understand correct, anydvd cant remove cinavia for playback on a burnt bd disk played on standalone player?
  4. mbarnstijn

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    I don't have any familiarity with DeUHD so I can't comment on what it supports, and I haven't looked at makemkv for a few months. However, elsewhere on this forum in the UHD discussions there is mention made that certain AnyDVD users found that their UHD discs were supported on AnyDVD but not in DeUHD or makemkv. As for a repository of which discs are supported and which not, that's not been done for AnyDVD so there's no way to compare. That's why I didn't attempt to answer your first question.

    As for Cinavia removal, the second method I mentioned (working with CloneBD) can produce an ISO -- which can then be burned onto a disk for playback on a standalone player.

    There exists absolutely NO Cinavia removal tools that produce a result with "clean" audio that can be played on a Cinavia-restricted player (hardware or software player). To remove the Cinavia audio watermark means that the audio has to be significantly modified to change certain frequency ranges, and that will produce quite definitely audible distortion, or even shifting pitches of music and dialogue. It's unavoidable due to the method used to embed the Cinavia audio watermark.

    If there's a recent (past couple of months) new method to remove Cinavia that creates perfect audio, I haven't heard of it, so I would be happy to know about it. But as of the end of last year, no such thing existed.

  5. Tom E.

    Tom E. Active Member

    I have dvdfab, but haven't used it for a long time. They state its lossless audio?
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Why don't you ask that at the dvdcrap forum. You're in the redfox/AnyDVD ones. We can't help you with a third party software like that

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  7. James

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    Whatever you do, you will certainly loose 3D audio (Dolby Atmos, DTS:X). Better to use a player, which doesn't care about Cinavia, or where AnyDVD's unique Cinivia removal works. A PC, a media player like Nvidia Shield TV, OSMC Vero 4K or a cheap X96 with LibreElec.
  8. Tom E.

    Tom E. Active Member

    Ok, thank you for letting me know. I consider buying a license for anydvd, but since I have been out of the ripping thing for a long time I try to understand what each software is able to do.
    I appreciate your answer much more than other replys James, thank you for that. (sorry for my bad english)
    Im not trying to be disrespectful in any ways or advertising for other softwares. Just asking questions for gaining knowledge.