Ferdinand the Bull missing main title after scanning by Redfox...

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    After Redfox finishes scanning the disc, it only shows a few titles, with the longest one being only 2 minutes and 27 seconds long. I am attaching a log file. I am running

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    There's multiple errors in the logfile including device timeout errors. But the most problematic one is

    Please try beta 8225, if that doesn't work create a NEW logfile with that beta so @James can take a look.

    I'll assume thats the 2018 version, which means it got released only a week ago. It COULD be a protection issue, by no means am i saying it IS one. That's for James to decide
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    I downloaded and tried, but it gave me disc read errors. The first time it was having trouble even beginning the process in CloneDVD (scanning in step 3) and showed a read error at 0%. Then, I took out the disc and re-inserted it and it worked up until 29%.

    I've attached a log file.

    Tagging @James in this reply so he can see it.

    I re-inserted the disc one more time and it worked this time. I am not sure why.

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