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Features we would like..

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Agnar, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Agnar

    Agnar New Member

    Thought it might be worth a thread on features we would like to see if they could do it, hopefully this will help Slysoft to see what it's customers would like and ensure it stays the best at what it does.

    Here's mine..

    What with the regular updates to AnyDVD I would like them to find a way to auto upgrade it rather than having to download and re-install everytime. A bit like how AVG does it maybe at startup? Not sure if it's possible but with the frequencies of updates (which is a good thing) it gets a bit annoying sometimes.
  2. uscgamecock

    uscgamecock New Member

    Great idea
  3. locoeng

    locoeng Well-Known Member


    Go Tigers! LOL
  4. tinstar

    tinstar New Member

    Auto update is an ok feature provided I have control of it. I don't like auto update anything other than virus definitions.
  5. NordicRX8

    NordicRX8 Member


    Without some control, I find auto-updating of anything very intrusive. Also, I very rarely UPDATE, just cause there's a newer version of it (BIOS, Drivers, programs) available.

    I like to search around and make sure there aren't any issues with the new version before I commit to it. (thankfully, this forum now exists!)

    But being that ANYDVD is similar to an ANTI-VIRUS program (they are both TSR applications, that update the definitions), the auto-update may not be too bad of a feature.

    I still like the option of having a physical file located on my drive that I can revert back to if need be. (I have every version of anydvd, since I subscribed, on my HD)