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    I was wondering if any work was planned or done for adding in the Smart Application Launch section of the AnyDVD(HD) program?

    This is the ability to add smart tags to the parameters section of the 'External Application' part of the AnyDVD(HD) program. In short, stuff like %title% resolves to a title, %drive% resolves to a drive and so on.

    This would enable better scripting and such for those that would like to automate processes for non-technical folks in the family and just to make our lives a bit easier (never underestimate the power of laziness!).

    Also, would it be possible to create a virtual drive letter that referenced the same optical drive? For instance, say you have your DVD Drive ( M: ), after you load AnyDVD(HD) and enable the 'Mirror Drive Option' you now have a drive letter called N: as well.

    Drive M: would be the original drive/disc as-is without AnyDVD(HD) modifications. Drive N: would be a mirrored copy of M: except that it would contain the modifications that AnyDVD(HD) do as part of the decrypting process, etc.

    This would be an awesome add-on as programs that attempt to ID the DVD using a disc signature could still create a valid signature for the disc using one drive letter while the other one can be used for backing up the media and so on.

    As always, thanks for all your hard work - it's greatly appreciated. Not to be premature, but I think that SlySoft will be one of the major factors for ultimate death of DRM.


    One is the Smart App Launcher that includes SlySoft Environment variable access in the parameters seciton of the launch external applicaton. Essentially the idea that
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