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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by ozi83, Jan 13, 2008.

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    I am more than happy with my purchase of anydvd HD and clonedvd but I can think of 2 features that I would like to see in a future version of clonedvd.
    1. An option to shrink the menus to a single image with the option of keeping or removing the menu audio tracks just like the menushrink application that i currently use, I think alot of users would find this option very usefull considering how large some of the menus on dvds are.
    2. when writing the dvd files from the temp directory to an .iso file is it possible to try and write the full image file in a non fragmented area of the HDD if available, I am certain that imgburn has this feature as it produces non fragmented iso's on my computer constantly (I run my defrag application religiously) just makes the overall quality of the burn better.

    what does everyone else think?
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    No, posting them here is fine, I'll collect them and forward them to the *right* people (not the poor support people). At least Slysoft is (probably) Elaborate Bytes' best customer... ;)
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    O.k., my apologies.