Feature Request - Upconverting to High Definition

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by mitnerd, Apr 26, 2008.


Do you want upconverting to HD in Clone DVD mobile

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  1. YES!

  2. Maybe if it's efficient

  3. No, standard definition is fine

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  4. What are you talking about

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  1. mitnerd

    mitnerd New Member

    I don't believe this feature exists yet... it'd be awesome of Clone DVD Mobile as well as Clone DVD has the ability to convert to HD... Currently there's only hardware solutions but it'd be awesome if there's software solution as well... even if it takes a while, it'll definitely be worth it for a lot of people!
  2. darkfibre

    darkfibre New Member

    how about blue ray.

    I would love to be able to convert blue ray content to high def on the apple tv.

    The anydvd version that rips blueray is nice but to convert it to a format to watch on apple tv would be superb.