Feature request - smart program launch for 24Hz disc?

Discussion in 'ReClock' started by ngchol, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. ngchol

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    I've done a search in the forum for this but couldn't find anything.... I have two ATi Catalyst refresh rate changes set up for when 50Hz and 60Hz discs are inserted - would it be possible to extend the functionality to insertion of HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs so I can automatically set refresh rate to 24Hz in the same way?
  2. ngchol

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    Sorry to bump this - is there no other demand for this functionality or is there another way to achieve it that I've missed?
  3. jbrisbin

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    60Hz and 50Hz correspond to NTSC and PAL

    Those 50 and 60 Hz settings are equivalent to PAL and NTSC which can be read directly off the disc.

    24Hz (which can never occur on a PAL disc) is really about interpreting telecine flags in the stream. Until you read a given stream you cannot tell if it is predominantly 60Hz interlaced, progressive or telecined from 24 Hz source.

    There is no guarantee that all the tracks are the same nor even that all the scenes in a track are the same (Babylon 5 famously mixed 24 fps film with 30i effects).

    A human observer can say "The important part is the movie and that is at 24Hz." A program unwilling to scan the whole disc can not.

    Thus, you should look to do this in something like My Movies that has a disc database rather than automatically in AnyDVD.
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    I had all 3 working by putting each one in a .bat file. In the external programme tab I put the 24Hz .bat file in the in the non video tab and the 50Hz and 60Hz .bat files in there respective tabs and it works like a charm.
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    So, if AnyDVD does not recognize the disc as video (it does not seem to be a video dvd, an hd-dvd or a blu-ray) then it selects your 24Hz compatible setting?

    Or are you saying that some of these are not recognized as video?

    Or perhaps, there is already detection of 24Hz images and when detected, non-video is used?

    I am puzzled, can you elaborate?
  6. des511

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    Sure. I have one bat file or NTSC dvds which is put in the 60hz tab. This changes the rate to 24Hz for my projector which gets rid of judder.
    Bat file No 2 is under the 50Hz tab which changes th rate to 50Hz so I can watch Pal dvds without judder. Now when I put in a bluray or hd dvd disc with just these 2 tabs active after watching a pal dvd the rate will not change from 50Hz but when I put in a ntsc dvd the rate changes to 24Hz.
    So I had a play around and found that if I put bat file no 3 which is for 24Hz also under the non video tab it works every time. I did the test by watching a pal dvd which changed the rate to 50Hz.
    I then took the pal dvd out and placed a Bluray in and anydvd changed the rate to 24Hz.
    I use powerstrip settings for each disc which I then place into the bat files.
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  7. ngchol

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    That should meet my needs nicely. I guess the problem with this is that when you insert a data disc, i.e. DVD-ROM or CD-ROM the refresh rate will then change to 24Hz also? Hence the need for a setting which only changes to 24Hz on insertion of a Blu-ray or HD-DVD disc.
  8. erikt

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    There's a way to do this using Meedio and the playMee plug-in. PlayMee is built to launch different applications depending on the file-type, and it provides pre and post play scripts, so you could have it automatically switch to 24Hz whenever an HD-DVD or BR is launched, then switch back to 60Hz when done.

  9. Jong

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    The only foolproof way of doing this that I know of is to use Reclock, with scripting enabled, to trigger Powerstrip to switch refresh rates based on the actual fps of the video being played. This only works for ATI and Nvidia 7xxx and LOWER and on XP.

    Trouble is, even if you automatically switch to 24fps when a Blu-ray disc is played you may have 60fps extras on the same disc. It is easier if you are happy to stick to 50/60hz, but I like my 24fps!