[Feature Request] Remove copy protection from Folder

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by CrabOne, Mar 19, 2008.

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    Since many obtain their Blu-ray Backups from the PS3, because Blu-ray Drives are still very expensive to date or some want to remove an additional copy protection (like BD+) it would be quite a useful feature to remove the copy protection from a Backup that is already stored on HDD and not present on a Disc or a Virtual Drive.

    I know it is possible to make a ISO with tools like UltraIso and then mount them on a Virtual Drive, but it is quite annoying since 40GB of Data have to be processed and then stored in a ISO. Also it needs a big amount of HD space, and probably some people don't have 40GB extra space on their HDD.

    I know that the full 40 GB have to be processed by AnyDVD anyway, but with this option it would be possible without the intermediate step to make an ISO. Example:

    AnyDVD now (without this option):

    1. Make an ISO of your Blu-ray Data
    2. Delete old Blu-ray Data and keep ISO
    3. Mount ISO in Virtual Drive
    4. Remove copy protection with AnyDVD
    5. Have Blu-ray Data without copy protection on your HDD

    AnyDVD with this option:

    1. Remove copy protection with AnyDVD from folder
    2. Deleted old copy-protected Blu-ray Data
    3. Have Blu-ray Data without copy protection on your HDD

    In earlier versions, PowerDVD had an option to play back Blu-ray/HDDVD from HDD. Now if you want to watch these you have to make an ISO and mount it first. The option I'm requesting is basically the same, just with AnyDVD removing the copy protection from it.