Feature Request, Questions, Bug and possible Streaming Provider

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by DeepSpace, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. DeepSpace

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    Feature Request:
    To have the abillity to save the account data for more than one account.
    For example I want to download Amz de and Amz jp. If enabled, I wan't to get the page where I can choose between Amz and Netflix, but with two Amz buttons.
    This would require an option to disable the current behavior, where AS is autoloading the Amz/ NF page on startup.

    Bug (?):
    The new update changelog contains "Added check for sufficient free space on disk."
    For me this means it will check if the Drive is full. I was able to test this soon, because my drive was about to run full. I've downloaded an episode about 1.5 GB with space left of ~800MB. AS told me again (like previus versions), the download is complete, but the Player only showed Audio. In addition I've go no error in AS.
    Am I misunderstanding the check for sufficient free space or is this a bug? (No, seems that there was someone asking about this.)
    Unfortunately I can't deliver a logfile anymore, since I've deletet it after discovering the error to redownload it.

    Question 1:
    This question is about the logfiles. I was downloading a series and got logfiles with ~700kb. Every episode was increasing the files a bit. After installing the update and reopening AS, the first file was 227kb and the next ones are 3kb larger.
    I assume that AS is always creating a full log, but is it possible to create only one log for this episode and keep the entire session in a different one? Then I'd have clean files and another one to post if needed.
    (If this is no nonsense from my side), could you also add the ability to clean the older logfiles already createt?

    Question 2/ Idea:
    Some people have asked about multiple audio support.
    I don't know anything, but if it's to hard to download mutliple audio streams in one run, you could simply add a checkbox to disable the video stream. The user would still have to download every lang by hand, but the user don't have to download the entire movie again. Also this could be used to download missing/ additional subtitles without having to cancel the download.
    Of course it could be the same effort to implement either the feature or the checkbox, so ignore it when it's useless for you.

    And, finally, the possible streaming provider:
    Could you add support for
    -Readly, Yumpu & co.? 
    I know, these have nothing to do with Video Streaming, but A is still a streaming platform and R & co. is media too and would be nice to grab somehow.
    If you have any questions about A and R, I've already done A and I know that R is encryptet and how to access the encryptet files, but you have to do every single site by hand, in addition they are not in the correct order. Also there might be a script, but I don't even know how to run it and AS is better usable with it's interface.
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    Streaming provider suggestions belong in the sticky thread where I can keep track of them in a single topic. That said, the first one let's requirements of paid plans, but unlikely to be added. The second one would be disqualified for now, doesn't meet requirements.

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  3. Prospere

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  4. DeepSpace

    DeepSpace Well-Known Member

    What do you mean?
    Do you want me to send a log (I already wrote that I've deletet the one from my disk space question) or do you not understand my question about logfiles?
  5. testiles

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    Can you re-create the issue and make a new log?

    Or is there not enough space to even create a logfile?

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  6. Prospere

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    That is exactly what I mean - I need the log file. Just saying X,Y and Z have happened so there is a problem does not even slightly point to what the problem may have been. You have deleted the log - understandable, then just try to re-create one.
  7. DeepSpace

    DeepSpace Well-Known Member

    Now I know, will do it. But can take a wile since I just moved stuff and have enough space now.
  8. Prospere

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    Thanks! No problem at all. Just make it a habit - you think there's a problem-send the log. It's better to have redundant log, rather than just wait for one.
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    I now had a nearly full drive and did a test. My drive has 2,4 GB left and the file should be about 4GB (FHD episode).
    So AS should tell me that I'm unable to download it, because I have too less space or at least cancel at 50-60% with an error message.
    But... AS kept running and running...
    I had 0 bytes left at 50-60%, AS run till 100%. Result is of course a broken file.
    The log tells me "Available disk space check ... OK." What?!
    Maybe AS is looking onto the wrong disk? I'm downloading to E:\, maybe AS checks C: or D:, which have enough space.

    And what is with my other questions above? Will you answer later or do you think they are nonsense?

    EDIT: Does it matter that I have disabled Windows low disc checking? Bc if AS is using that, it will get no answer from it.

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  10. Prospere

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    The problem with available disk space check is being taken care of.

    Log files are like this because we need them to be like this (at least for now).

    The topic of multiple audio streams support, audio only or subtitles only downloads has been raised way too many times in the forum. Unfortunately, I can't refer to each time the same question is asked - I have AnyStream to maintain.

    Adding new providers - @Ch3vr0n has provided the answer.

    Thanks for the log, by the way!
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