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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by TubeBar, Nov 24, 2020.

  1. TubeBar

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    I needed an Amazon video tonight but for some strange reason it doesn't come up in search (oddly 2 other versions do). The one I wanted via CBS subscription I had to add it to my watch list and get it that way. All I needed to do was paste in the URL.

    Can that feature be added? It seems like a really simple thing to do in AS browser.
  2. DannyBoi

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  3. 0x0x0x0x0

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    Why can't you just paste the the ASIN for the video in the search box (the part of the URL that starts with a B0... after .../gp/video/detail/)?
  4. TubeBar

    TubeBar Well-Known Member

    That doesn't work. For some reason that show has multiple listings and the one that was available through my subscription is delisted. It's only viable by going to the channel and looking for it. Not that you can't get it just a pain considering pasting URL very basic in a browser. Just don't know why it isn't added as should be simple.
  5. 0x0x0x0x0

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    And you can't see it in Prime Video > My Stuff > Purchases & Rentals?
  6. Tekton

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    People keep asking for features but I don't think the devs are working on anything at all. It has been like a month since last major update and we don't even know when is the next one coming.
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    You're fine to think that, but what evidence do you have? World you rather have them work on new features, or constantly posting about next carries but never implement them due to being too busy posting about them?

    Its often months for example that also go between anydvd updates, that doesn't mean anydvd development has stopped too. The same applies to AnyStream

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  8. dtsig

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    Don't bug the devs .. they will release when they think things are stable enough
  9. 0x0x0x0x0

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    People are getting too used to FOSS release model: release (junk) often and patch later, and the end users end up changing software more often than [insert appropriate item of clothing]...
  10. This release model is by no means reserved for FOSS. One would perhaps think that software, ludicrously expensive software, would be less in need of frequent patching and updating but no. Bean counter driven/controlled development can wreak havoc on anything....
  11. 0x0x0x0x0

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    Of course it's not reserved to FOSS, but it tends to overbearingly dominate in FOSS; of course the problem is the "release early, release often" mantra, that is rather more constrained within commercial environments when supporting bugs in features is more expensive than proper development... There was a great example from the land of debugging when "release early" driven by the bean-counters drove the company into the ground on support costs ;-)