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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by dsperber, Jan 1, 2021.

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    I'm currently in the midst of downloading all the 22 multiple episodes of "Glee", one at a time, and obviously doing it sequentially. No problem, functionally.

    However I have two "complaints":

    (1) DURING THE DOWNLOAD of any given episode, its SxxExx (and extended English full name) does not appear anywhere on the GUI. The only way I know what particular show is being downloaded is to look in the target folder to see what filename is growing.

    Of course this complaint applies to downloading anything, where it would be nice if say underneath the "progress gauge fuel bar" there was visible the full title of the show actually being downloaded at that moment, no matter whether it is an episode of a series/season or a movie or a one-off TV show or whatever.

    (2) At the end of the download, the "Download Item(s)" window reappears, but the episode list (in this case 22 episodes) has been repositioned at the very top again, rather than remaining located at the very episode I just downloaded (and have now just completed). So in order for me to now initiate the download of the NEXT episode (since it's perfectly normal for me to procedurally do all 22 downloads in episode sequence one at a time, although I realize that's clearly not required or necessary) I must manually relocate where I was in the list, slide down to the next episode, and push its DOWNLOAD button.

    It would be very helpful if the list location itself would be "remembered", and that window automatically repositioned by itself to show exactly the item which has now successfully completed. Perhaps change the color of the DOWNLOAD button, or change the word to say COMPLETED, or something helpful to assist me.

    I'm not asking for any memory of what I may have previously downloaded (say into the same target folder location). I'm only asking for some visual assistance when I have 22 downloads to complete, one or more of which may be downloaded in any given single session.

    As long as I'm in the same current session it would be very very helpful to have the list remember its visible physical location, representing it to me after completing the download just the same as it appeared to me before, when I first pushed that most recent DOWNLOAD button.

    And then also, if there could be some indication that I've COMPLETED a download (in the current session) so that I wouldn't accidentally repeat it wrongly or unnecessarily, that would be very helpful. It would save me the trouble of looking at the target folder itself to see what's now there.

    And again, something say right under the "progress fuel bar" to show me what download is currently in progress, that would be super helpful and user-friendly.
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    I'm not sure my request was clearly explained.

    It's not that the downloaded file name is not what I'd like to see. The template format for that downloaded file (which include SxxExx along with the actual episode English name) is perfectly correct and fine.

    The issue is that DURING THE DOWNLOAD ITSELF I do not know what is actually downloading, at least not without looking in the target folder using Explorer!

    I am suggesting it would be a perfect place to display the actual target filename (however it got created from the template) of the currently in-progress download, say right under the fuel progress bar itself. For example display "Netflix-Glee_S01E07_Throwdown.mp4" in the new colored highlight area below:

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    Aha. Now I see it.

    And as you pointed out earlier, I also see my (1) request as item 11... pretty much as I requested.

    But I'd like to suggest another improvement to item 11, perhaps changing the "DOWNLOAD" annotation/color to say "COMPLETED" in a different color, just to make it stand out. If the list scrollable GUI location gets disturbed, or accidentally scrolled so as to lose the onscreen visible place in this long list of 22 episodes as I work my way through it, at least having something different like "COMPLETED" would really be a super-helpful eyecatcher. This would be of great assistance to relocate where I was in the list and accidentally visibly lost.

    Or, just more fundamentally, if I'm working my way through all 22 episodes in one session, just seeing which ones I've done and which I have left to do, visibly, would be a real convenience. Again I'm not asking for any intelligent examination of the target folder files, or any memory from past sessions, etc. I only want to see for the current session either DOWNLOAD or COMPLETED as the text in the buttons, maybe even with a different color.

    So if 11 could be expanded a bit, that would definitely complete my feature request.
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    AnyStream already does a done exist check to know a file has already been downloaded. It will detect it unless you moved the file to a different folder. In that case it can't detect it. The only way I see this feasible is to have a user log somewhere AnyStream writes an entry too when a turkey hady already been downloaded, even if that file's location has moved, which it also checks prior to a download. But that log size would obviously increase the pre-download check time the more titles are in it.

    Then it wouldn't have to clutter up the gui with 'completed', which in order for as to know a title has been completed would be to keep a download record, outside of the current file exist check.

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    Yes, clearly this is already being done. And I understand that the "duplicate file name" condition won't be raised if you've moved/renamed the files so that there's no longer a conflict discovered if the exact same download is re-attempted. This particular "filename already exists" is standard, and expected, and perfectly fine just as it is. And I'm not asking for any changes here.

    That is EXACTLY what I'm suggesting be created and used... but only in the current program instance session if that makes it simpler to implement. Obviously if you rename/move a file once it got downloaded then this log list is no longer valid. But as long as you don't do either move or rename, and if the fully-qualified path name is part of each entry then the log list would be perfectly valid... either for this session only if it doesn't get retained across program instances, or forever if it does get retained across program instances (and then re-started with the next session).

    But really, the sole purpose is simply to maintain a different annotation/color of COMPLETED when the download completes, simply to make it stand out as no-longer-needed. Only still-to-be-downloaded (or never downloaded) movies, episodes, etc., would present as DOWNLOAD buttons. Otherwise, it would display as COMPLETED. Even only within the current session (so that this log starts at zero each session) that would still be very useful. Even better if it "persists" and is remembered across program sessions.

    Simple look-up of the file's name (per current template) in what really is just a text file, to see if DOWNLOAD or COMPLETED is to display in the button. Would only take a few nanoseconds at most. I'm not asking to go out and double-check to see if that file (per the log entry path/filename) is still where it was originally downloaded to. I'm only asking if I had previously requested its download either even just in the current session as I work my way through a handful of episodes, or perhaps at any time in the past.

    How big could such a text file be??? The value of COMPLETED vs. DOWNLOAD to the user is enormous, the table lookup logic is trivial, and besides we're discussing "feature requests".

    I'm not asking for GUI clutter. I'm asking for the word DOWNLOAD to appear in the button if you've never downloaded it before. And alternatively, COMPLETED appears if you've already previously downloaded it. There already is such a button... just populate it with the appropriate text/color, at enormous benefit to the user who'd embarking on a 22-episode sequence of downloads one at a time with a scrollable 22-episode list in the window. May be doable in one long session, or over several sessions over several days. Would be VISIBLY HELPFUL if all previously completed downloads showed COMPLETED, and all still yet-to-be-performed (or never performed) new content showed as DOWNLOAD.

    This really seems very very simple to implement, with huge value to the user (at least it seems so to me).