Feature request - command line or similar.

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  1. iansilv

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    MyMovies 2.2 was just released, and it does a great job of making a nice interface to load and manage your dvds on your hard drive. It also has a new web service feature where information can be automatically downloaded to give you a nice disk profile and what not. I had imagined a scenario where you could insert a disk,a nd the system would automatically identify it and download the profile for the disk based on disk id, then copy the disk to the hard drive. The problem is that anydvd interferes with the disk id being read fromm the disk, so I have to disable anydvd each time I want to download information from the mymovies webservice. then, I have to re-enable it to copy the disk to the hard drive. Would it be possible to integrate anydvd with mymovies, or somehow allow interopability as an option check in anydvd to allow mymovies to disable and enable anydvd to allow this level of automatic disk reading/identification and disk copying?
    Thank you.
  2. iansilv

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    any thoughts?
  3. iansilv

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    Can someone from anydvd chime in here?
  4. Webslinger

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    I have done what I can in terms of trying to alert someone. Hoewever, they are busy at the moment working on AnyHD-DVD. I do not represent Slysoft, and your answer may not be forthcoming for some time, unless you are patient. If you wish, feel free to email Slysoft.
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    ahh... anydvd-hd. Yes- let them work on that :) And let the HD-DVD people know that I will start buying HD-DVDs when I can rip them to my hard drive! Do you hear that HD-DVD people?!? I WILL BUY YOUR PRODUCT WHEN I CAN USE IT THE WAY I WANT TO!!! And believe me- I will buy a lot of them- and no blu-rays!:disagree:
  6. Binnerup

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    I would like to post a feature request - I develop an add-on program for Microsoft Media Center called "My Movies", which allows you to copy a DVD from within Media Center if AnyDVD is running.

    The users would like to automatically index the DVD when copying it - which can be done by determining the Disc Id of the disc and searching a meta-data database, however, as AnyDVD change the VIDEO_TS structure, this disc id is also changed.

    This means to read the disc id, I need to temporary disable AnyDVD - or perhaps have it disabled generally, and temporary enable it when doing a copy.

    So, I would like to suggest a command line to do this, such as "AnyDVD.exe -disable", and "AnyDVD.exe -enable" or other way to do this.

    As I see it, the only current option is to kill the AnyDVD process totally, and restart it, which isen't very nice.

    And, I would also like that AnyDVD could be started as disabled generally, and only start it when needed for copying - the reason for this is that it would be nice to use the FireWire based 200 DVD changers to do mass copying of the DVD's to storage, but these changers read the disc id themselves out of the process I can handle - therefore it would be nice if users of these changers could have AnyDVD running in disabled mode, and I could simply start AnyDVD when copying a disc.

    A third option that would be nice would be to configure AnyDVD into a mode where it automatically detects updated versions, and installs these without prompting the user, so that it's always updated - this would allow one to create bulk loaders where a DVD is simply inserted into a DVD drive of a machine that isen't attached to a screen or similar - and after the copy the disc could simply be ejected.


    Brian Binnerup
  7. Webslinger

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    I would like this kept in the same thread please so the Slysoft dev can take a look at it when he has time. Please do not create a new thread. :policeman:
  8. Binnerup

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    That is fair.
  9. SamuriHL

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    Slysoft was considering an API for enabling and disabling AnyDVD, but, the problem they're having is time. This topic came up when discussing ImgBurn verify functionality being possibly skewed with AnyDVD active. I had asked Slysoft if it would be possible to add an API to allow a program to turn it on and off. They said yes, and seemed to indicate a dll could contain the API, but, that no one currently has time to write it. So, we'll see how it goes.
  10. RedFox 1

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    Just go into your startup programs and uncheck Anydvd to start at boot. Then when needed all you have to do it open your " Programs and click on AnyDVD to start it when needed. If you right click on the Fox icon in the taskbar you can disable it as needed.
  11. Clams

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    What I do is (I think) even easier. Everytime I install a new version of AnyDVD, and reboot, it defaults back to "autostart". I just right click the little "fox in the tray" and uncheck "autostart", then I check exit.

    I keep an AnyDVD icon in the quick-launch on the taskbar. When a movie won't rip on the 1st try, all I have to do is click the bar once, eject and re-insert the movie - and it rips. I like to try each title once without AnyDVD, just to see "who's up to what" in the way of copy protections. :)

  12. iansilv

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    I think that Binnerup's ideas make the integration a little more elegant and smooth. Teh idea of being able to load up a firewire dvd changer, and have it rip all the disks and just walk away would be awesome- especially if it could identify the disk and download data from the webservice. It's just a little less manual labor, and it would probably open up anydvd to more customers (the- "I buy this and it's that easy" crowd.)
  13. Binnerup

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    I think you are missing the point here - the users are in Media Center, and the users should not go click on any icons.

    The point is that the program that should do the DVD copy should be able to enable and disable AnyDVD when needed - there is no need for a full API, a simple command line argument would be enough.

    Just like what you do when you mount ISO's with tools such as Daemon Tools - start the exe with an argument.
  14. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Dear Brian,
    All good suggestions. My plan would be providing an AnyDVD.dll, where 3rd party applications can control AnyDVD. I believe this is more powerful than adding command line controls like "AnyDVD -disable".
    What do you think?
  15. iansilv

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    yay! James you rock! :bowdown:

    Could it work with anydvd-hd as well?

    Man oh man- 200 disks in a firewire changer, all ripped and movie info downloaded when I wake up- two days later or so...
  16. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    It should, but there is no reason for it to work with AnyDVD HD, as AnyDVD HD does not touch the unencrypted files in HVD_VIDEO_TS
  17. iansilv

    iansilv Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to get an eta on the anydvd.dll or anydvd-hd? Will they be one product? (anydvd and anydvd-hd)
  18. DetroitBaseball

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    AnyHD-DVD will be a seperate product from our normal AnyDVD.
  19. Binnerup

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    Hi James,

    An "AnyDVD.dll" would be awesome, however it also sounds like a much bigger task than being able to enable and disable AnyDVD.

    So, what I am saying here is that if you could spend three hours on an enable/disable function, that would help a lot, and i'd rather see this done, than having an AnyDVD.dll that takes you two months, and because of that never arrives.

    There is absolutely no doubt that an dll would be the most awesome thing in the world, but also, being able to enable and disable would allow for me to do the 200 DVD auto-ripper.

    Well - actually, I already have that running without a problem, however it cannot detect discs because of the disc id issue.

    I am sure that a lot of My Movies users would purchase AnyDVD if either one of the above was implemented - I am sure that a lot of users already do, but even more would.


  20. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member


    you have a point. I'll add a -disable and -enable option as the short term solution. But you must be aware of some potential problems:

    1.) You should use ShellExecute or ShellExecuteEx to start AnyDVD to pass the command line options. This will make sure, that you can start AnyDVD.exe regardless where the user has installed it.
    2.) Even if you use ShellExecuteEx and wait for the started process to finish, there is no 100% guarantee that the command has been executed successfully (people might have an old AnyDVD version not supporting the command line option).
    3.) You should make sure (well, at least try), that there are no open file handles on any optical drives. The reason is, that when AnyDVD is enabled/disabled it changes the sectors on the disc (at least from the system's point of view), so it must inform the filesystem. It does this by doing an unmount/mount operation, but this can only succeed, if no files are open.

    Hmm... older AnyDVD versions wil pop up the settings window as they do not understand the command line option. Maybe I'll make a small separate command line tool.
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