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  1. Last year, I ran into some problems ripping Mockingjay Part 2 so I shelved it. The problem I previously had was that chapter markers for playlist 706 were out of order. The ISO created with the latest version of AnyDVDHD seems to have fixed this problem, chapter markers for 706 are now in the correct order but here is the problem... The ISO contains 365 playlists in BDMV/PLAYLIST even though AnyDVDHD has identified the correct playlist in the disc.inf file: "playlists=706"

    Why is this a problem? It may not be a problem for other software packages but it's a problem for Handbrake. Handbrake will try to scan all of the 365 playlists - I've left this running all night and it never finishes. If I try to use Handbrake's single title method, I can only select between title 1 and title 100 where the first readable title is 3 = playlist 7 (00007.mpls). Title 99 = playlist 266 (00266.mpls), Title 100 = playlist 267 (00267.mpls). So basically, it is impossible to select playlist 706 using Handbrake's single title method.

    Work-Around (For Linux) involves mounting the ISO image created by AnyDVDHD, copying all of the files in the ISO image to a directory and then removing all of the fake / unnecessary playlists:
    mkdir ISO
    mkdir MJ2
    mount MJ2.iso ISO
    cd MJ2
    cp -ax ../ISO/* .
    rm -f 00[012345689]*.mpls
    rm -f 007[1-9]*.mpls
    rm -f 00700.mpls
    rm -f 00704.mpls
    rm -f 00707.mpls
    rm -f 00708.mpls
    cd ../../..
    umount ISO
    After doing this, I can point Handbrake to the source directory MJ2 and it finds playlist 706 as Title 1. Oh happy days!

    My Feature Request is this: A checkbox in AnyDVDHD that is used to optionally exclude all MPLS files from the ISO file except for the one detected as being correct.
  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    AnyDVD already shortens the playtime of unused playlists, so third party programs should detect the correct one (e.g., Kodi). If handbrake is so stupid it "hangs" or does other weird things, you should probably report this as a bug to them.
    Or use CloneBD in your Windows VM. ;)
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  3. I wouldn't say Handbrake is any more or less stupid than other encoders, it's very rare I have a problem with it. I've had problems trying to use this specific ISO with other software both inside and outside VM so it's not just Handbrake. I can continue to work-around the issue by removing all the fake & unnecessary playlists, it only takes about 10 minutes but I figured a checkbox option would be a simple thing to add to AnyDVD.

    What is the benefit of keeping all the fake & unnecessary playlists? I suppose one benefit might be that if AnyDVD guesses the wrong "correct playlist" number, at least the ISO file will still contain all the others but does this really happen? Does AnyDVD guess the wrong "correct playlist" number? Are there any other benefits to keeping all of the fake & unnecessary playlists?
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    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    IIRC these files are required to play the disc in a licensed player with menus and all bells and whistles. Like PowerDVD on a Windows PC. Or a standalone Blu-ray player.