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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Robizzle01, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Robizzle01

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    All products would benefit from this feature but it would be especially nice for AnyDVD since it receives updates so often.

    It would be nice if when AnyDVD detected that there was an update available, it would automatically begin downloading the update in the background and even begin installing it once the download is complete. Firefox does this and it really makes updating mindlessly simple (a dialog pops up that says an update is ready to be installed and you are given the options to either install it the next time Firefox is restarted, or to install now -- which will close and restart Firefox.)

    I'm sure some people would want to disable this feature so it would also be nice to have a checkbox for automatically downloading updates in the preferences of each application.

    Lastly, if this feature is not feasible due to current design/implementation, it would be nice if at least a link was given directly to the update instead of just giving a link to the Slysoft website and making me browse to the download (not difficult, but why not make the computer do the work for me?)


    P.S. I really appreciate that you all seem to listen to your customers, release frequent updates at no additional cost and actually seem to care. For these reasons, I do not hesitate to recommend your products to my friends.