Feature Request - Add video and audio bitrates and encoding CRF setting to filenames

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by GreatInca, Jan 20, 2021.

  1. GreatInca

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    Add these to filename naming convention options:

    This may get approved
    The bitrates are easier, windows pulls these, and the audio bitrate is selected in the downloader itself.

    This probably won't get approved but never hurts to ask

    CRF is exposed in the mediainfo tag on netflix streams. Most amazon streams do not, but some 'rent or buy'-only titles do. X264 settings can be queried with the MediaInfoLite plugin for Media Player Classic HomeCinema. Both are included with the K-Lite Codec Pack (http://www.codecguide.com). A very small few Netflix streams are still 2pass average bitrate encoded, this also shows up in MediaInfo. Some Amazon streams are using main profile, another thing also only shown in mediainfo.

    Stranger Things - S03E08 03x08 - Chapter Eight - The Battle of Starcourt - NetflixRip 1080p X264 MPEG4 AVC High Profile CRF16 5980kbps EAC3 48Khz 5.1 6-channel discrete 384kbps.mp4

    Dragon Prince - S02E04 02x04 - Voyage of the Ruthless - NetflixRip 1080p X264 MPEG4 AVC High Profile CRF20 2673kbps EAC3 48Khz 5.1 6-channel discrete 192kbps.mp4

    Umbrella Academy - S02E07 02x07 - Öga for Öga - NetflixRip 1080p X264 MPEG4 AVC High Profile CRF21 6222kbps EAC3 48Khz 5.1 6-channel discrete 640kbps.mp4
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    Not needed waist of time
  3. Xander

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    Maybe you can do this with filebot?
  4. idc__

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    In your opinion.

    It’s a valid request. Personally, I’ve no interest in having the bitrate, but I wouldn’t mind seeing video resolution and codec details as configurable variables in the file name.
  5. DannyBoi

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  6. idc__

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    Thanks for your extremely polite suggestion.

    Could you kindly advise how to go about making such a ‘template’?
  7. DannyBoi

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    check out the templates allready on there, just update them
  8. Xander

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    pretty sure the tempaltes in the aplication cant be used to analyze the bitrate and resolution, unless there are settings thats not visible.
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  9. Prospere

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    There are no hidden settings in AnyStream, yet you are right - it is not yet possible to add such information to the output file name template.
  10. idc__

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    Yes, Xander and Prospere understand. Thanks guys. :)